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Ramani's 22-day-old Premature Born Twins Need Your Help To Make It Alive

“They are my first born. I can’t describe the joy we felt when we heard they were going to be twins. It’s not common, is it? And now they are both struggling to survive while we are feeling helpless.”
Rajendran and Ramani were happy parents expecting their twins when an unexpected birthing at just 29 weeks of pregnancy left them with the world spinning around. The 22-day-old twins (a boy and a girl) are in shock with respiratory distress and sepsis respectively. They have been placed in intensive care on ventilator and incubator until they stabilize.
Rajendran and Ramani are from Chennai. Together they made a small yet loving family. Rajendran is a carpenter who makes a living from Rs. 7000 during a good labor season. They live in a rented house and never wished for more than what they got, except for now. When Ramani discovered she was pregnant, joy exploded in this house. It was their first child. They wanted nothing more to complete their family, so you can imagine how proud and happy these parents would have felt when they heard it was going to be a twin birth. Everything was fine until the 8th month of pregnancy. Rajendran took care of his wife better than her mother. She felt like a princess until she went into labor a little too early.

“There was nothing to tell us this would happen. Even then, we though they would be fine. Premature babies born in the 8th month are healthy most of the time. It is our fate that our babies had trouble breathing, or developed an infection. The doctor said they needed to be in the hospital for a while and treatment. The medicines cost nearly Rs. 4,500 every day. Only this can keep them alive and well. Hopefully, in a week or two, they will be well, and we can take them home.”

Rajendran said that he gets to see his children after 5PM every day. He is in the hospital on most days by his wife’s side. She has been shifted to a general ward and gets called in to feed the babies from time to time. 

“They are getting better. I can tell. They will come home with us.”
This father has been working hard to arrange for the funds that take care of his wife and children. He has nobody to support him and has requested the hospital to give him more time to pay off the rest of the bills. Although Ramani’s parents are with them for emotional support, they all come from a weak socioeconomic background with no substantial income to depend on for this treatment.

Help Rajendran and Ramani to keep these twins alive and take them home to grow up healthy and safe.

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