This Go on a Field Trip Month, travel with Milaap. | Milaap

This Go on a Field Trip Month, travel with Milaap.

Have you heard of the National Go on a field trip month? No? Well, we were surprised too, when our content developer, Medha told us that this event was celebrated in October in the United States. Traditionally, it is a month that brings to light the importance of field trips for school children. Milaap, however, decided to go off the beaten path. After all, you don’t have to be a school child to go on a field trip, right? :D
People now take field trips to learn more about people who live in that region, their culture, the problems they face and the challenges they overcome. The motivation could be as simple as wanting to view first-hand a completely different lifestyle, to the more complex motive which includes doing something to help them overcome challenges.
Have you been travelling lately? Do you have an experience to share with us?  Then post pictures from your trip now on your Facebook wall and use the hashtag #MyFieldTrip. You can also send us pictures of your trip on our Twitter handle - and use the hastag #MyFieldTrip. Remember, the best pictures that we select will win free Milaap gift vouchers. 
At Milaap, we encourage our lenders to visit the field, and to see for themselves the impact that their loans make. We believe that nothing makes the whole experience of lending more authentic, than actually meeting your borrowers and hearing their stories. For those of you who have not yet been able to make a field trip, sit back. This month, Milaap brings the field to you. We will showcase field-visits, borrower interviews, impact pictures and a glimpse into their daily lives. 
Milaap dedicates this October to all the field trips and the young champs who have made the field trips successful. Watch the video below for a short preview of the field trips you will experience.