The low-smoke cook-stove banished Sanjukta’s usual health complications | Milaap

The low-smoke cook-stove banished Sanjukta’s usual health complications

Early in the morning, when many women in her neighborhood wake up their daughters to get help with the household work, Sanjukta Bhoi wakes up her daughter to send her for private classes. She lives in M.Rampur, a block in Kalahandi district of Odisha, with her 2 children and husband. She purchased a low-smoke cook-stove with the help of a Milaap loan. After she sends her daughter and son to private classes by 6 a.m., she starts to prepare breakfast for the family. She takes half an hour to do so. Previously, while using the makeshift cook-stove, she would take more than an hour. Even the time she takes to prepare lunch or dinner reduced to one hour from the 2 to 3 hours she would usually take with her old stove. Her kids return home by 9 a.m. and leave for school at 10 a.m. after having breakfast.

The new cook-stove uses only half the fuel used by the old cook-stove. Her husband supports the family by trading rice and pulses. However, the business being seasonal, there is no constant source of income. Hence, the 300 Rupees saved due to reduced fuel expenses mean a lot to the family. Also, the new cook-stove changed her harrowing experience in the kitchen to a pleasant one. She would earlier be directly exposed to heat and heavy smoke for long hours while using the old cook-stove. Cough and chest pain were a usual occurrence for her back then. Asked if she consulted a doctor, she replied, “Yes I did. It makes more sense to prevent it than cure it. To be safe, I knew I should stop using the makeshift cook-stove. There was no way out for me other than getting used to the pain. Fortunately, it was only a year back that things for me changed when I learnt about the low-smoke-cook stove.” Thanks to the loan from Milaap and its generous lenders, Sanjukta no more risks her life to accomplish her responsibility of providing food to her kids as a loving mother.

Sanjukta Bhoi with her new low-smoke cook-stove outside her house.