The Flower Paradise | Milaap

The Flower Paradise

She limped a step nearer to me, her hands covered in dirt.  She has created her own paradise. After blatantly checking out her creation, my eyes landed on her. It is typically a cold morning. Well, winter has come to Manipur.  Now that winter's here, my disinclination to leave the bed in the morning has escalated rapidly.She sauntered away before glancing back over her shoulder. I took that as a signal to follow her. Mirabai is a 48-year-old woman and runs a floriculture business. I flung my backpack on a chair and saw her nurturing the plants. Mirabai got injured a few years ago. She suffered a leg injury followed by a tendency to limp whenever she walked.
This 48-year-old woman tried to make me acquainted with the flower names. When I inquired if she has any other hobbies, she retorted, “I don’t have any other hobbies. This is what I enjoy the most.” She did not look at me, but her voice was sorrowful. “I don’t get to spend a lot of time with my boys. When they reach home, I am busy with my work.” Mirabai’s eldest son is an engineer. He intends to go abroad to pursue higher studies. Her second son has aspirations as well. He is a student of class 12. “He wants to be a doctor”, the mother beamed.
She pointed towards a flower and enlightened me, “ This one right here is called Bougainvillea. This is one of my favorite flowers.”She recently opened a shop. Apparently, she now orders flowers from Pune and Guwahati. “My business is booming. I never thought I will get this successful”, she shook her head and shifted her eyes to the ground. As I decided to hit the road again, the sun was high up against my face.