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2-Year-Old Tanishq Has Cancer And Needs Urgent Help To Survive

Tanishq is a 2-year-old fighting blood cancer. Because of the harsh treatment and compromised immunity, he has developed a sepsis in his hand. Since treatment started, he has become very quiet. It is hard for his parents to watch him go through so much pain this early in life. Harder still is the prospect of losing Tanishq because they can't afford treatment.

Tanishq with his father Sumit at the hospital

“Why is this small, innocent child going through so much pain”

Tanishq was diagnosed with cancer only last month. In just that much a lot has changed for this previously happy family. Because he is so young, his immunity is weak and he finds it hard to ward off the perils of his cancer treatment.

“He had been looking very pale for the last five months. The doctor did some blood tests and told us he was severely anemic. He had blood transfusions and in a week the results came in and we learnt that he has cancer. It was such a shock for us. No one in my family has ever had it and Tanishq who hasn't even started his life got it,” explains Sumit, his father.

Sumit and his wife Ekta are shattered that their little happy bundle of joy is battling such a grave condition. They have seen their bubbly, playful child disappear into the sad, scared child who cries all the time. Every injection, every chemotherapy sessions is a new ordeal.

Because of his weakened immunity, Tanishq also caught a typhoid infection. He had to be admitted to the ICU for two weeks before he was discharged. Though out of danger now, Tanishq is still weak and he has no energy left for anything. He sleeps the whole day.

A small shop is Sumit's only source of income

Sumit has a small shop in Ghaziabad, UP, where he sells items needed to perform poojas. Every month he earns Rs 7,000-9,000. It is difficult enough to get by with that much and when he got news of cancer – his heart sank. He didn't know how he would afford treatment for his baby.

“Every one in my family earns about as much as I do. There is no one who will lend to us. I don't know who else to ask. I've already spent everything I had. But Tanishq's treatment is not even half done. I don't know how we will complete the treatment,” Sumit says.

Baby Tanishq needs a few more months' treatment and Sumit needs to arrange for Rs 8 lakhs as soon as possible. He does not have the time to wait to collect the funds. Tanishq had already been sick for months before his cancer was caught. This treatment is critical to keeping him alive.

How you can help

Tanishq's parents need to make sure he gets chemotherapy or they will lose him. Sumit has spent over Rs 3 lakhs on treatment till now and he is finding all other doors closing in his face. He is desperate to save his innocent baby and he could really use some support. 

Your contribution can give this father hope to save his baby. 

Supporting Documents

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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