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This 25-year-old's only parent needs your help to live

25-year-old, Ashok Kumar and 17-year-old Akash Kumar are two sons struggling to save their single mother Tamilselvi who has been diagnosed with rectum cancer.

Tamilselvi who is only 45years old is a single mother of two sons who by herself has raised them with strength and love. Even today, she fights her cancer with the same courage.

"I still cannot terms with the news of her illness"

 “My younger brother is preparing for 12th grade final exams and I recently returned after six months of sailing to take up my 2nd mate exams. Its unexpected that my mother was diagnosed with cancer and we’re still unable to come in terms with the shock of what’s happening to our family” says Ashok Kumar.

Initially Tamilselvi experienced pain in her spinal cord area, and they suspected it to be piles. After doctors’ consultation and biopsy tests, it was diagnosed that Tamil Selvi had rectum cancer. It took them over a month for the cancer diagnosis and they’ve already spent over 3lakhs for their mother’s treatment.

With no family support, Ashok fights a lone battle to save his mother

“We haven’t been getting any support from our family either, I’m trying out all means but I’m unable to even get any loans. In just one month after diagnosis, we’ve spent all our money and have been pushed into an unimaginable situation with no money to help my mother” he says.

Tamilselvi has completed two rounds of chemotherapy and is currently receiving radiotherapy at Roy Memorial Hospital, Chennai. Tamilselvi still requires three more rounds of chemotherapy and also radiotherapies. 

How can you help? 

Tamilselvi has been the biggest support to their sons ever since their father left them. They’re no longer able to financially meet the demands and having exhausted all means for money, they now seek your support to arrange the rest of the funds. Your contributions can help provide treatment to their mother and support the family in this time of extreme difficulty.