Internal Bleeding In Her Liver Is Killing This Tea Seller's Daughter, Only An Urgent Liver Transplant Can Save Her Life | Milaap
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Internal Bleeding In Her Liver Is Killing This Tea Seller's Daughter, Only An Urgent Liver Transplant Can Save Her Life

"She would vomit continously without a break. It is so frightening to see her vomiting blood. Within minutes she would faint, losing all her strength. When the first time she vomited blood we thought it was cancer. I have always thought that cancer is the cruelest disease, I prayed to God, 'We can bear anything but not cancer'. Now she has a disease just as painful and deadly as cancer. The doctors said she has internal bleeding in the liver and only an urgent liver transplant can save her." - Sornam, Father.

Tamil Selvi is diagnosed with an end-stage liver disease

Tamil Selvi, 22-year-old, is the youngest daughter of Sornam and Thuruvamma. She is doing final year BBA and the whole family was brimming with pride because Tamil Selvi was expected to be the first graduate in their family. She was determined to finish her studies and take up a decent job to support her family. Their dreams were crushed and she was forced to discontinue her studies because of her critical condition.  She is diagnosed with an end-stage liver disease.
"Last year, she fell into a huge pit in front of our house that was kept open to build a septic tank but she was fine except for few bruises on her skin. A few days later, she complained of stomach pain and had severe diarohhea. We were terrified when she started to vomit blood. We rushed her to a local hospital. Doctors said it was only an infection and gave some medicines. But it did not help her. When we took her to a bigger hospital we found that she has a problem with her liver."

Tamil Selvi is concerned about the future of her family than her own health and desperate to go back home

Despite the pain, Tamil Selvi managed to go to college and more than her health she was worried about finishing her exams. Unfortunately, she was forced to give it up during her last semester because her condition became worse every day. It is almost a year since she got her periods. There are times, she would just hold on to her pillow and bite on to it, unable to bear the pain.
"I can see the pain she is going through but she never complains about it to us. She feels bad that she is not able to finish her studies. My husband is a matching donor, we were happy that we could help her in some way and there is a solution for her condition. The first thing she asked doctor was, "are you sure my father can bear this procedure? He shouldn't suffer at any cost because of this". Only after the doctor assured her that her father is fit enough to donate his liver, she agreed."

Her father works day and night, but still can't afford the life-saving liver transplant

Tamil Selvi's family stays in Rajapalayam district, Tamil Nadu. They were asked to take her to Chennai for the liver transplant because the hospital there does not have facilities. They've even borrowed money to travel to Chennai. The doctors said that she has reached the final stage of the liver disease and needs an urgent liver transplant to save her life.
"I work in a tea shop and I get Rs 100 every day. After her treatment started, I go to the tea shop at 5 am and work till 9 pm so that I get Rs 450. But how can I manage with this money? I have already borrowed a huge sum of money and I need to pay it back. I need to save my daughter at any cost, I'm willing to do anything for her." - Sornam.

How you can help

22-year-old Tamil Selvi, a young girl with so many dreams is now battling for her life. Her old father, who is a matching donor, works day and night in a tea shop to earn Rs 450 per day. Her family is struggling to pay for the treatment, they have nothing left with them and no property to pledge. She needs an urgent liver transplant to survive. Your support can save her life.

Your kind contribution can save this young girl's life and make it possible for her to support her family.

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  The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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