Tasleem’s Father Refused To Donate His Kidney Even Though He Knew She Would Die Without His Help | Milaap
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Tasleem’s Father Refused To Donate His Kidney Even Though He Knew She Would Die Without His Help

“I keep her happy. I thought she would be fine if she had our children and me by her side. When she was diagnosed with high BP, I felt like I failed her. Now, when she is holding on to life by a thread, I want to do all that is possible to save her.”

Tasleem is a loving wife and a mother of two wonderful boys. 18 months ago, she was diagnosed with high blood pressure, and before they knew it, her kidneys were impacted. Today, her creatinine levels are increasing hitting a double digit. Her husband and children are feeling helpless. She needs a kidney transplant, and they are struggling to make it happen.

It was shocking to find out that Tasleem had high BP

Ayaz and Tasleem are from a small town called Khammam near Hyderabad. They have two teenage sons, and live with Ayaz’s mother. Tasleem takes care of the household, while Ayaz works as an X-Ray technician for Rs. 10,000/month. Last year, Tasleem began having palpitations and spells of dizziness.

“She used to feel extremely tired. She would that her heart was beating too fast and would break into sweats suddenly. We went to the hospital, and saw that her BP was shooting. After a lot of tests, we understood that she had hypertension. It was causing her kidneys to fail. She was always so calm and happy. I couldn’t believe she had high BP.”

Tasleem cannot even get out of bed right now

Most women have creatinine levels at 0.5 to 1.1 mg/dL. Tasleem tested at 4.2, and within months, her levels shot up to 10. The doctor recommends a kidney transplant as they are now functioning at 80% efficiency.

“She is so tired and in pain all the time now. She cannot even get out of bed. I wanted to donate my kidney but when I went for the test, we found out that I have an extremely small kidney on one side from a birth defect. We cannot wait too long, we must go with the registry and expedite the transplant.”

Her father refused to donate his kidney and save her life

Tasleem lost her mother when she was young. Her father abandoned her and remarried. He has never been close to the family, and he has not even visited once since she fell sick. Ayaz approached him for help only to be disappointed.

“He has never cared about Tasleem. I told him about her state. She cannot breathe sometimes, her back burns, she is in so much pain. She cannot walk, and she is now bedridden. He does not want to see her. She needs a kidney. He refused to donate. He said he values his health and has to take care of his family. Isn’t she family?”

How can you help

Ayaz is now taking care of his wife and children by himself. He tends to Tasleem, gets his sons ready for school and drops them off before going to work. He comes home at noon, makes lunch for the family. He returns to work and picks up the children on the way back home. All evening he spends time with the family, making dinner, helping with homework, tending to house chores, and making sure that his wife is well-taken care of.

Without a family donor, they must now bear expenses for a kidney from an external donor, and pay for the transplant. Ayaz has raised Rs. 6 lakhs with the help of savings, friends, and family. He still needs Rs. 5 Lakhs to save his wife.

Your contribution can help Tasleem survive.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.