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The tale of a homemaker turned entrepreneur

Pink walls, old paint cans on the window shelf and everything around the entrance spoke of the chronicles of an artist.

Amidst all the animal husbandry, grocery store, and agricultural enterprises, Mahadevi runs an unconventional business running in the small village of Manjari in Karnataka.
Meet the lady herself!

Married at a tender age of eight, like most girls in her native village, Mahadevi hardly received any education. Soon she developed a fondness for making crafts. But the married life had several obligations from taking charge of the daily chores to becoming a mother at the age of 18.  Even so, she never stopped pursuing her interest. Alongside raising her three children, she learned the art of weaving yarn into beautiful house décor.

About 3 years ago, Milaap’s intervention in the district of Belgaum benefited many village dwellers. 33-year-old Mahadevi also seized that opportunity and started a stationary business with the first loan through MASS (Milaap’s field partner). Moving on, she realized that the loan could help her do more than that. After repaying her first loan, Mahadevi borrowed another sum of money and this time bought crystals, ring, stick, beads, thick yarn and began preparing beautiful artifacts.

In her own words, 
“It was only because of the micro-loan that I could buy the materials and start-up”.
Mahadevi’s son presents her favorite creation

Her love for her work is reflected in her broad smile and enduring sparkle with which she shows her creations.

Having exquisite artistic skills, Mahadevi also understands business. With the profits, she purchased a sewing machine that she uses to stitch dresses for her existing customers and hence make more money. Her elder daughter in studying in the first year of Pre-University, while the younger one reads on class 8 and dreams of becoming an Engineer. Having denied education herself, Mahadevi is well determined to educate her daughters and not even consider marrying them off before they become independent.

With her younger daughter, Bhavna

Mahadevi is grateful to her family who has been a big support all this while. She tells about how happy her husband is and motivates her to do more.