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My 5-Month-Old Baby Struggles In His Every Breath And I Can't Afford The Surgery That Can Bring Him Peace

“I can’t tell you how happy we were to have our first child. Now, after finding out how serious Syed’s condition is, I can’t help but cry when he cries too. He’s just 5 months old and already struggling with every breath.” – Waseem, Syed’s father

Syeda, 5-month-old Syed Mohammed Hussain, and Wassem at the hospital

Waseem and his wife Syeda, have had absolutely no time to enjoy the birth of their first baby. They constantly fear losing their 5-month-old baby boy, who has severe congenital heart disease. At the age of just 5 months, Syed needs a heart surgery as soon as possible, but Waseem has nothing to save him from the misery.

Syed is critical and has severe birth defects

Waseem and Syeda were incredibly happy due to the birth of their first baby. However, their bliss was short lived as within 2 weeks after birth, Syed wouldn’t feed normally. He kept crying - and nothing his harried parents did calmed him.

For the next 3 months, Syed would keep on vomiting, feeling breathless, unable to move his limbs properly due to weakness. A recent test showed the parents that Syed was born with severe heart defects. The main artery that leaves the heart and goes to the rest of the body is dangerously and abnormally narrow, not allowing enough oxygen to reach different parts of his body.  

His heart is at high risk of failure, just at the age of 5 months. Baby Syed frequently needs an oxygen mask to stay alive because he finds it so difficult to breathe.

"My wife is so shocked and terrified that she barely speaks nowadays. She can't bear the fact that our baby is going through so much." - Waseem

Syed is unable to feed or breathe normally

Syed’s congenital heart disease makes it very hard for his body to receive the oxygen it needs. Syed breathes very rapidly and can’t even feed normally because doing anything is so painful without enough air.

“He vomits most of his food because he’s so weak to even swallow. I worry a lot about him because I can see him struggling to breathe. We're so scared when he keeps crying. His lips change color. Sometimes his lungs also fill up with fluid. I just want him to heal and find peace. He’s my only child.” – Waseem

Syed takes medicines 4 times a day

In order to help with the breathing and weakness, Syed takes medications four times every day. The 5-month-old baby has gone through a lot and his condition is only getting worse, with his heart at a high risk of failure. Syed is also vulnerable to severe infections. He is so weak that he doesn’t even move his hands and legs much, instead of being extremely active like other 5-month-old babies.

Only an immediate heart surgery can save Syed

Syed’s condition can only improve if he undergoes an immediate corrective cardiac surgery, preferably within the next 2 weeks. However, Waseem and Syeda are running out of time to save their 5-month-old baby. Waseem has exhausted all his savings and has nothing left to provide for the life-saving cardiac surgery Syed needs.

Waseem and Syeda are running out of time to save Syed

With little time left, Waseem and Syeda are in dire need of help to save their baby boy. Waseem teaches letters to small kids at the local Masjid and at homes and earns a meager amount of Rs 6,000 every month. Syeda is a housewife and for their baby’s treatments until now, Waseem has spent all his savings. He has even asked his employers to give him a few months’ salary in advance to help out with the surgery and medicines. But, that is still not enough to fund Syed’s life-saving heart surgery.

“I had saved up Rs 60,000 over the past few years for the baby, and now, I have spent everything on his treatment. I am so tense right now because I have no idea where I’ll get the money from. My brother is a laborer too and he works for a sum of Rs 250 per day, in which he pays rent and helps my mom.” – Waseem

The total estimated cost of the cardiac surgery is approximately Rs 3 lakhs. Waseem has absolutely no means to afford such a large sum on short notice. Now, he is left with no option but crowdfunding.

How you can help

5-month-old Syed’s only hope for survival is to get the heart surgery as soon as possible. He is very critical and his parents, who have nothing left to save him, are running out of time to arrange the funds.

Your support and contribution will save Syed’s life.

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