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This Could Be 12-year-old Zoha's Last Winter If She Does Not Get An Urgent Liver Transplant

Winters were the favourite time of the year for 12-year-old Zoha. This winter, however, turned out to be a terrible experience. It could even be her last. Zoya's days were spent in the hospital in excruciating pain and blood vomits, fighting Wilson’s Disease - an inherited disorder that has caused too much copper to accumulate in her liver. It has damaged her liver completely and she needs a transplant at the earliest. 

Mohammed trying to calm Zoha down during her pain

‘We thought we were taking good care of her, I don’t know how she became so sick’

Zoha’s mother, Afreen recalls that her daughter’s condition was diagnosed long back. Since the diagnosis, Afreen and her husband, Mohammed Shaikh have been taking utmost care of her. Afreen runs a small mess at her home where she cooks for students and office-goers. Her husband works as an electrician. Their earnings are not enough but they haven’t had a second thought on spending almost all their money for Zoha’s treatment.
“We never missed her medicines, always gave her the right diet but sometimes she did have fever and stomach ache. We wasted no time to take her to the doctor when she became serious but we had no idea that her liver is getting damaged. Now the doctors have told us that without a transplant she will not live,” - Afreen, mother.

An old pic of Zoha with her mother, Afreen

‘Mumma I am vomiting blood, will I die?’

Last December, Afreen noticed that Zoha’s eyes had turned yellow. Soon, she started showing other symptoms like a bloated belly and loose motion. She was also having trouble to breathe.
“We immediately took her to the hospital where she was admitted in the ICU. They took out the fluid in her stomach but then she started vomited blood. I was so scared but didn’t want to show it in front of her - she was already asking me if she would die.

Zoha’s condition is worsening but her parents don’t know how they can afford the transplant

Zoha came back from the hospital only 8 days ago. She was a little better for the first few days but a severe stomach ache is plaguing her again. She can’t sit up, neither can she walk on her own because of the constant bloating. The medicines have made her groggy and irritable - she snaps at her mother and sometimes even her little brother, Zeeshan.


“We have very little time on our hands now, if she doesn’t get a transplant now she will not live. My tests are done and I am a matched donor for her but we don’t have money to go ahead with the transplant that would cost us Rs 20 lakhs. With our meager income, even spending Rs 50,000 was a lot, I don’t know how we can arrange the money without help.”

Zoha loves dancing and playing with her friends - all this will become a distant dream for the girl if you don’t help her get the transplant

Despite her sickness, Zoha has always been very enthusiastic to go to school - at least those times when she was fit enough to go. She has been longing for a normal life like any other 12-year-old - filled with games, fun, school friends and excitement. Now her condition is so critical that without an urgent liver transplant, she will not make it. You can come forward and extend a helping hand to the family.

Zoha can enjoy many more winters with your help.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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