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Help Celebrate Yuvan's 1st Birthday By Gifting Him A Heart Surgery

Baby Yuvan will turn 1-year-old in a few days. Most parents are excited about planning a birthday party or even Ayush Homa (a ritual performed for good health and long life) for their baby at this stage. Saranya has been frantically saving and borrowing money since his birth for his heart surgery. They named him Yuvan, meaning 'healthy', hoping he draws strength from his name every time they call him.

All tests during pregnancy failed to catch this defect

When Saranya was pregnant, Palani did everything to ensure the baby was born healthy. Despite making Rs. 6000/month, he spent over Rs. 2000 on fruits and vegetables for Saranya's diet. They followed every instruction religiously, never missed a scan or consultation. As far as they knew, it was going to be a smooth ride with a healthy baby.

"Just a few minutes after the doctor gave him to me, he started turning blue. My worst fears came rushing back as they took him away for tests. The next thing I remember is the doctor telling Saranya and me that our baby boy has multiple defects in his heart. His lungs are not getting enough blood. He needed a surgery right then. But then, his little body was not strong enough for the trauma of surgery. So, they asked us to wait until he gains enough weight." - Palani

For Yuvan, weight gain was the only mission

On one side, Saranya would time her feeds, coax the baby to feed longer. People poured in advise to give him bottled milk so he would gain more weight. On another side, Palani began weaving more sarees, hoping to make a few more hundreds every day. It was going well until Yuvan's weight stalled at 6 kilos after he turned 4 months old. 

"We used to go to the hospital every week to weigh him. Sometimes, I would get impatient, so I would use the grocer's weighing machine to see if he had put on a few more grams. He seemed to be doing fine. Even the doctors said he was on track. But after we started solid food, we saw there was no gain. In fact, just last month, he lost another kilo." - Saranya

"Yuvan does not have much time before his heart gives up"

Yuvan has been very tired. He sleeps most of the time. In the past few days, his condition has changed drastically. He can hardly feed, and within a few minutes, he starts gasping for breath. He does not even look like a 12-month-old child and if they delay the surgery any longer, Yuvan may not make it to his 2nd birthday.

"My earnings have again gone towards his food, medicine, hospital consultations, and treatment. Now, my son is in the hospital waiting for his surgery. They have to cut open his tiny body to fix his heart, there is no other way. There is no more time." - Palani

How You Can Help

Palani had saved for Yuvan's future. He did not think it would all be used up even before Yuvan could experience life. Rs. 2.5 lakhs for surgery seems out of reach regardless of the extra hours he puts in at work.

"I just want him to be like his name. Healthy. We do not want to buy him cake, gifts, balloons or anything. We just want to get him a surgery so he is alive for years to come. Could you please help us?" - Palani

Your contribution can save baby Yuvan's life

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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