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This 19-year-old Fought Cancer Like A Hero, This Time His Family Will Lose Him Forever Without Support

I thought my vision was blurred because of my increasing eye power. Little did I know that a mere visit to the eye doctor would turn out to be a disaster. Cancer has changed the life of my entire family for the worst.”

The entire family's hopes that laid on Yeasin is fading now

Noor Jahan and Ismail were so happy when their 19-year-old son Yeasin was performing exceptionally well in college. A student of Islamic history, Yeasin never expected to repeat a year in college. But now the thought of his non-existence has overpowered the grief of failing a year.

Like any other youngster of his age, Yeasin had great hopes for his family and future. His father Noor Jahan owns a small seasonal tailoring business. They are able to earn well only in the months of Ramzan. The rest of the year is usually very troublesome. The income doesn’t allow the family any extra delight, let alone bearing such huge medical expense.

At an age of enjoying life, Yeasin is going through the worst kind of pain

A healthy and happy youngster, Yeasin went to the eye doctor in 2016, because he could see a constant virtual dot before his eyes. Doctors could only discover the lack of hemoglobin and asked him to carry out blood tests. The reports were unbelievable. Yeasin had acute myeloid leukemia, a severe type of blood cancer. The young soul could see his life not being the same anymore.

“I have undergone 7 months of rigorous chemotherapy. I couldn’t get out of the hospital bed for 4 months at a stretch. While all my friends were going to college and appearing for my exams, I was secretly hoping to live. After 7 months, when I was told that I was cancer-free, I felt I could finally be at peace.”

His wife's strength gives Yeasin further strength to fight

 Just after 2 months of getting married, Yeasin had to be taken to the hospital. His wife, Sanzina has stood by him like a pillar. Even in the moments when Yeasin was crushed, it was Sanzina who held him strong. She never fell weak even for a second and fought against her sadness to make things feel right.

“Just when I thought that now I will finally make things easier for my family, I had a blockage in the nose. The doctors told me I needed a surgery. I thought if I could have battled cancer, I can easily survive a mere blockage.”

The struggle came back in the worst manner and Yeasin has a long way to go

Yeasin had to undergo blood tests before his nose surgery. The tests reports were tormenting yet again. His battle again cancer wasn’t over, his blood cancer had relapsed. He had even taken homeopathy medicines because they couldn’t afford other treatments. Only a bone marrow transplant can save him now.

The family had exhausted their savings when Yeasin had to undergo the chemotherapy for 7 months. They spent Rs 13 lakhs then. Since January, they have spent another Rs 7 lakhs which have put Ismail in neck-deep debt. The family is left with no money now to prevent him from dying.

Life has become difficult for the entire family

Ismail is still in his hometown trying to arrange for funds and gathering money by working as much as he can. Yeasin’s wife, mother, and sister are with him. They managed to arrange a place to stay close to the hospital. Sanzina has not left Yeasin’s side even for a while.

Yeasin is the only hope for a better future for the family. His sister, Yasmine is the donor for his bone marrow transplant. His hopes have been shattering and the bone marrow transplant is the only way to bring him back.

How can you help?

Yeasin’s blood cancer has relapsed and his future has been crushing. He can only live with a bone marrow transplant. The cost of saving his life is Rs 15 lakhs and the family has exhausted every means to save him.

Your support can save Yeasin.

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