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Abandoned By Father And After A Tragic Loss Of His Mother, This 7-Year-Old Is Fighting For His Life

“I heard a troublesome scream at midnight and when I checked up on my grandchildren, Vignesh was struggling to breathe. I immediately took him in my arms and his body was burning with fever. My husband and I rushed to a hospital in the nearest district as there was no doctor in our village. All the way to the hospital he was widely opening his mouth to gasp air and was calling out for his mother. I couldn’t help but cry how this child is struggling without his mother. She committed suicide when he was 7-month-old, I lost her and now I cannot afford to lose him.” - Ramanamma, Vignesh’s Grandmother.

The fatal disease had left these grandparents devastated 

Seven years ago, after a tragic loss of his mother, he and his elder sister were abandoned by their father. Their poor grandparents were taking care of them. Despite poverty, Krishnamurthy and Ramanamma were doing everything they could in their old age to provide them proper food and education. Unfortunately, cruel fate had other plans for Vignesh. This 7-year-old is fighting every second of his life with the deadly disease.

“When they told us that he is suffering from infectious disease, we thought it was just an infection which will be cured by using medicines. But the doctor explained to us that it is affecting his heart and soon his heartbeat can stop. We panicked and did not understand what to do. We were scared for his life and all we wanted was to save him at any cost. I sent my husband back to the village to get some help. With the little money he collected we somehow managed to immediately admit him in the hospital.” - Ramanamma.

Grave chest pain doesn’t allow little Vignesh to breathe 

7-year-old Vignesh is suffering from native valve infective endocarditis with pericardial effusion, an infection of the heart, where his heart is abnormally accumulated with fluid which negatively affects the functioning of his heart. He urgently needs IV antibiotics, a treatment that will kill the bacterial infection in his heart. The grandparents have struggled to start the treatment to save Vignesh. They are unable to continue it, without which the child will not survive. He requires intense treatment for six weeks and has to be under observation until cured. He may require a surgery after the infection is controlled.

He holds me every day and cries uncontrollably with chest pain. At times, it is so severe that he places a hand on his chest and cries so much that he suddenly goes breathless. The sight of him fighting to gasp air is unbearable. Nowadays it has even become difficult for him to rest on his back as he has a terrible backache. It is overwhelming to watch him struggle helplessly at this small age and I am unable to do anything but watch him fight for his life. They said if we stop the treatment, he will soon leave us. We do not have one rupee in our hand and we don’t know what to do.” said Ramanamma with teary eyes. 

This poor farmer cannot save his grandson from death 

Krishnamurthy is a poor farmer who earns Rs 2,500 a month. He worked hard throughout his life and got his four daughters married. Though he was unprepared for what came in the future, he stood strong and fought. Without caring about his old age, he is working ten times harder than what he used to in his young age, only to provide a good future for his grandchildren. Now his shoulders are overburdened with the expenses of the treatment and he is unable to bear the weight that can save his grandson’s life.

My husband’s earnings were not even enough to admit him in the hospital so we have borrowed 1.5 lakhs from our friends and relatives to start the treatment. We have done everything that we could and we are ready to do anything to save our grandson. But we are lost in every way as there is no time left. Even if we work hard for the rest of our lives, we won’t be able to afford this expensive treatment. 8 lakhs are required to save him. This is beyond our ability. We have struggled to keep him alive but are unable to continue the treatment.” - Ramanamma.

How You Can Help

7-year-old Vignesh is suffering from an infection in his heart which is affecting the functioning of the heart. Vignesh was abandoned by his father just when his mother committed suicide. The poor grandparents are taking care of this parentless child and are struggling to help him survive. They have exhausted all their money and are neck-deep in debt. They are waiting for a helping hand that can save their grandson from certain death.

Your kind contribution will save Vignesh.

Supporting Documents 

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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