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The World Has Turned Upside Down For This Aspiring Doctor

Last year, Vetriselvan made his parents proud by scoring 85% in his 12th board exams. Always a bright student, he had a clear aim – he wanted to become a doctor and save lives. It was his dream, and he had been working hard towards achieving it, even attending coaching classes.  He was unstoppable, or so it seemed until his whole world turned upside down in January.

“He suddenly fell unconscious one day. We did not know what was happening. At first, we thought he must have fainted because he was studying on an empty stomach. But many tests later, we got to know he has cancer. We couldn’t believe it.” - Narayanan, father 

Vetriselvan was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemiaa type of blood cancer in which the bone marrow makes too many lymphocytes (a type of white blood cell). It is a rapidly spreading cancer which can turn fatal without continued treatment.

‘He studies even when he is so weak… he is that determined to make it’

After his diagnosis, Vetri’s parents did not waste any time in getting him initial treatment. He has undergone one cycle of chemotherapy so far,and the treatment has taken a toll on his body. He is swollen all over and finds it difficult to walk. Although bedridden and weak, it hasn't stopped him from studying and applying for the next medical entrance exam.

My son is one of the strongest people I know. I cannot control my tears seeing him in this pathetic condition because of cancer. But he is strong. He tells me not to worry. He focuses only on his studies and is not excessively worried like us.” - Jayabharathi, mother.

Their son’s diagnosis has hit them hard financially

Narayanan runs a small grocery shop in Kancheepuram, Tamil Nadu. Like any other lower middle-class breadwinner, he could just manage household expenses and his children’s education on his income. He did not anticipate such a huge medical emergency, and is now drowning in debt.

 Vetriselvan needs 5 more cycles of chemotherapy along with supportive care to completely beat blood cancer, but his parents do not have the means to continue treatment.

“My son has big dreams. He is a very hardworking young boy, and people like him need support to bounce back. If you help him beat blood cancer, he will become a doctor and help those in need. Please save him.”- Narayanan, father.

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Patient Vetriselvan is 18 years old, living in Kancheepuram, Tamil Nadu
Being treated in Global Hospital, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Receiving treatment for Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (all)

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