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25-Year-Old Who Lost Both Hands In Accident Wants To Support Aged Parents

In 2018, Venkatesan was a fresh graduate, who had successfully completed his diploma in civil engineering. He was looking forward to applying to jobs and stand on his own feet when the unthinkable happened. He met with a freak accident at a friend’s house, which involved both his hands coming into contact with an overhead electric line. In a tragic turn of events, he lost both his hands, from the elbow down.

“We thought he would lose his life because he had been so badly injured. He had lost consciousness for a while and had severe burns. We had to take him to a hospital three hours away to Chennai. We were relieved that we didn’t lose our son, but his life changed forever that day.” - Bhasker, father

‘I am alive, but I cannot do anything on my own anymore’

After his accident, Venkatesan spent the next few months in the hospital as he had injuries all over his body, including his legs, in addition to his arms. His parents, Bhasker and Vijayalakshmi, had to take care of all his needs – right from bathing and feeding him to taking him to the washroom. He had become like a small child yet again, who needed help with every small thing. Over time, he started doing a few things on his own like using the washroom and walking small distances. But he is not able to do anything beyond this, and it has been bothering him.

“As a 25-year-old with a diploma in engineering, I feel so bad thinking about how my life turned out.  I had big dreams. Sometimes I feel my hands are still there, and try to pick up things, only to realise later that even my body is playing cruel jokes on me.” - Venkatesan, tearfully.

‘I need to support my aged parents. Please help me’

Bhasker and Vijayalakshmi earn their living by running a small tea shop in their hometown of Gudiyatham. They had spent all their life savings on educating their son in the hopes that he would get a good job and pull them out of poverty. But as fate would have it, he became even more dependent on them. But these loving parents did not think of their own miseries and focused on helping their son heal and recuperate. 

I want to get a hand transplant as I have so many responsibilities. I am their only son. All these years they took care of me, now it is my turn. We are in debt and do not have enough money for the procedure. If you could help me, you would be helping a whole family get back on their feet.” - Venkatesan.

Venkatesan and his family are depending on your help so that they can start life anew. Click here to contribute.
Patient Venkatesan is 25 years old, living in Gudiyatham, Tamil Nadu
Being treated in Global Hospital, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Receiving treatment for hand injury

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