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Poor Gas Delivery Man Has Only A Few Weeks Left To Save Baby Girl From Multiple Heart Defects

 “Every day I carry heavy gas cylinders for delivery from the wee hours of morning till my shift gets over at night, but that has never bothered me. I always had the satisfied feeling that I was doing everything for my family. But ever since my baby girl was diagnosed with a severe heart disease, a sense of guilt has taken over me. I’m working harder than usual – taking up even others’ shifts, but the money I earn is, and will never be, enough to get her cured before it is too late.”-Ranjith Kumar, father of 1-year-old Swetha.

Baby Swetha was born with multiple heart defects that have not let her breathe or eat properly till now

When Senthamizh and Ranjith Kumar found out they were pregnant after almost 15 years of marriage, they felt blessed. Their happiness grew manifold when they realized that they were having twins. Senthamizh gave birth via C-section to Swetha and Surender in October last year, and everything was going well for the family. On the third day, when the elated parents were just about to take them home, little Swetha developed breathing problems. A round of tests revealed that she had Tetralogy Of Fallot, a combination of four severe heart defects which restricts blood flow to the lungs. Along with this, she has 2 massive holes in her heart. The overall effect is that very less oxygen is circulated in her body, putting her life in danger at all times. Every time they've have taken her to the hospital since her diagnosis, the doctors have told them that she is becoming more critical. Only an open-heart surgery can completely rid her of these life-threatening complications.

Swetha (with mother) is weaker and looks smaller than her brother, Surender (with father) 

“We have been taking good care of her with whatever we have, but her breathing difficulties have only been getting worse with every passing day. She completely refuses to eat now - she even has a lot of medicines and syrups, but she refuses to have that either. All she can do is cry – when she gets tired from crying, she whimpers softly. I have never seen her smile in all these months; she refuses to play with her brother also. I cannot bear to see such a small baby suffer so much.”-Senthamizh, mother.

Poor father is struggling to arrange the money for his baby girl’s surgery which is due in a month

The doctors at the Chennai hospital in which Baby Swetha is being treated have told Ranjith Kumar clearly that his daughter’s heart is so weak that she will not survive without surgery in less than a month’s time. But Ranjith earns as less as Rs 300 every day and finds it difficult to even cover household expenses. He had to borrow money periodically to take Swetha for regular doctor visits – but all that is exhausted now. He even had to take a loan of Rs 1 lakh for her emergency angioplasty a few months back and has not even paid back one instalment till now. With no help from relatives and friends, Ranjith is struggling to arrange money for Swetha’s surgery now.  

“We have been putting away the surgery for so long due to a dire lack of funds. But now, her health has worsened to the extent that her heart can fail without surgery in a month’s time. We cannot keep delaying any longer – but we cannot afford her treatment either.”-Ranjith Kumar.

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Baby Swetha is suffering from multiple heart defects that do not let her feed or even sleep peacefully at night. The oxygen level in her body is reducing with every passing day. She needs a surgery urgently to survive, but her poor father cannot afford it.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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