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Daily Wager’s 3-Month-Old Baby Girl Who Turns Blue Every Time She Feeds Will Die Without Urgent Help

“The very first time she suckled for milk, she could drink only for a few minutes because she was running out of breath. But when I noticed that she was becoming blue, I screamed because I had not seen anything like that before.”-Vasanthi, mother.

Baby Suganya has not been able to breathe properly from birth

Vasanthi and Subramanian have been married for four years now and welcomed their first child, a baby girl they named Suganya only three months back. Vasanthi did not have any problems during pregnancy and was shocked to see that her baby girl was struggling to breathe as a newborn itself.

“She would always cry and whenever I tried to feed she would turn away or suckle only a little. I could see that she was very hungry, but she was never able to feed properly. We never knew what the issue was at first.”-Vasanthi.

After tests and scans, Baby Suganya was diagnosed with a severe heart condition

Not long after her birth, her parents took her to a hospital in Chennai from their hometown of Thirukkuvalai in Tamil Nadu. She was found to have a very serious heart condition. There is an abnormal fusion within the walls of her heart that leads to the mixing of oxygen-rich and oxygen-poor blood. This puts excess pressure on the main artery to carry oxygen to the rest of the body.

“We didn’t understand the technicalities of our baby’s problem, but the doctor clearly told us that our baby’s life is in danger. He said that only an urgent surgery can make her normal – we were shattered when he told us this.”-Subramanian.

This baby cannot even sleep peacefully sometimes due to her condition

Vasanthi has seen her child spend sleepless nights because of breathlessness. As a mother, it has affected her so much that even she cannot sleep peacefully nowadays.

“Suganya makes a whirring sound when she sleeps and wakes up in the middle of the night. She is also severely underweight because she does not feed properly. How long will my child suffer like this?”-Vasanthi.

Subramanian had to borrow money to take his child to Chennai and does not have money for the surgery

“I am a daily wager who makes less than Rs 9.000 a month when work is available. When no work is available, I have nothing in my pocket. I borrowed Rs 5,000 from my friends just to fund the trip to Chennai. I believed that medicines would make her alright; never expected that she would need such an expensive surgery. I don’t know how I will make so much money on time to save my baby.”-Subramanian.

How you can help

Baby Suganya is running out of breath while you are reading this. Her heart may fail and she may even die without an urgent surgery to fix her heart defects. Her parents are struggling to arrange the money on time. They are very poor people who need your help to save her.

Your kind contribution can help save this 3-month-old’s life  

Supporting document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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