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Once An Active And Happy Child, This 5-Year-Old Now Needs An Urgent Open Heart Surgery To Live

Little Harsha (5), a happy and cheerful child, is always the first one to lend a helping hand at home. He would often help his mother in the kitchen, and on holidays, accompany his father to work where he would ask him numerous questions. When his parents ask him what he wants to become when he’s older, he says “I want to become a police officer so that I can help everyone.” However, now every minute is a painful struggle for little Harsha who spends many sleepless nights struggling to breathe. As much as Harsha wants to play or help his parents, he can’t. His heart disease is making him weaker by the day.

Sree Harsha was diagnosed with a rare heart disease when he was just 8-days-old and now he needs an open heart surgery

Prabhakar and Koteshwari lives near Nellore, Andhra Pradesh. Their happiness knew no bounds when they were blessed with Harsha. His sister, Sree Chaitra (7) was excited to have a younger brother. But, 8 days after Sree Harsha's birth, he started vomiting milk after feeding. One moment he would be sleeping peacefully and in the next, he would be crying uncontrollably, fighting for a breath of air. Worried, his parents took him to the hospital, where he was diagnosed with Ebstein's anomaly, a heart condition where the valve between the two right heart chambers doesn't function normally. His parents were told to wait because Sree Harsha was too little to undergo a surgery.

Now, Harsha's condition is worsening with each passing day and even walking a little bit exhausts him. He needs to undergo an immediate open heart surgery to survive this fatal condition.

“ Since the day Harsha got diagnosed, I’ve been extra cautious about my son’s health. Fearing he would get breathing problem again, I had stopped him from running around and playing too much. but not matter how careful we were, his condition only kept on worsening. He coughs uncontrollably and sometime even chokes while coughing. He feels bad for he cannot even spend time with us because of his failing heart condition. He keeps asking how long he has to go through this, and sometimes I have nothing to say." - Koteshwari, mother

Irregular work and a meagre income are keeping Prabhakar from saving his son 

Prabhakar works as an attendee in a veterinary hospital and earns a meagre income of Rs 3500 per month. As the sole breadwinner of the family, he always strived to provide his children with the best. Now Harsha’s condition is getting worse day by day and Prabhakar cannot afford the surgery.

“I cannot see my son go through this endless struggle every day. With the meagre income I earn, affording the surgery that costs 4 lakhs is next to impossible. All I can do is just plead for help to save my son from this terrible condition.” - Prabhakar, father

How you can help

Everything that Harsha loved to do has become a thing of past for him now. He has difficulty in breathing because of his severe heart condition. He was diagnosed with heart disease when he was just 8-days-old and now his condition is worsening with each passing day. He needs to undergo an open heart surgery immediately to recover from this fatal condition. With his little earning, Prabhakar cannot afford the surgery and needs your help to save his son.

Your support can help Harsha 

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