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Young Girl Who Was All Set To Sing In The Christmas Choir, Is Now In Dire Need Of A Life-Saving Transplant

Sundays are everyone’s favourite but for young Shreenithi, they brought an extra dose of happiness. It was on those days that she was able to play the keyboard in the church and sing along with the other choir girls. And as she looked across the floor while singing, she saw her parents, Ommuragan and Janaki, their faces beaming with pride. With Christmas round the corner, her favorite time of the year was just about to begin. She was so excited to sing Christmas carols. However, now as Shreenithi lies down on her bed - all weak and tired - she misses her life as it was before she was diagnosed with anaemia last year. Despite regular blood transfusions for the last ten months, she has not been getting any better. Now, only a bone marrow transplant can help her live a healthy life.  

Despite her condition, Shreenithi yearns for a normal life like any other child of her age and prays for a fast recovery 

Last year, September, Shreenithi started having slight problems in breathing. Soon she caught a cold and her breathing troubles were aggravated. Her worried parents took her to the hospital, and blood tests revealed that she has a blood disease. Shreenithi has now been battling Fanconi Anaemia for almost a year. It's a life-threatening condition where the bone marrow fails to produce enough white blood cells and the patient is at the risk of getting severe infections and bleeds. But she hasn’t lost hope. She goes to school on days she feels better and on some Sundays, she goes to the church to light a candle for her fast recovery. But some things she had to let go off - like the dance classes that she used to enjoy so much.


“She needs transfusions every month - sometimes even twice in a month. This has left her arm swollen and the pain doesn’t allow her to play the keyboard now. Her legs have swollen up and she has a lot of difficulty walking now. She is so tired that even doing little things makes her heart beat very fast and she starts sweating. I know she is very upset but she doesn’t show that in front of us. She has always been very brave - I hope I can always support her through her struggle.”  - Ommurugan, father.

The poor family is struggling very hard to afford the transplant that will save Shreenithi’s life

Ommurugan works at a garment factory in Dharavi and he is the sole breadwinner for his family. His modest income is not enough to run his family and continue his daughter’s treatment. Getting her a transplant is a far-fetched dream for this helpless father. He has already spent more than a lakh and he is no condition to arrange for Rs 33 lakhs without any help.  

How you can help

On the 25th of this month, Shreenithi would turn 15 but her blood disease has left her so tired and weak that she is in no condition to be excited about her upcoming birthday. She is in urgent need for a bone marrow transplant but her poor father can’t afford it. Your generous contribution can give Shreenithi a second chance at life and bring back the smile on her lips.

Your support can save this teenager's life

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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