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This Poor Couple Needs Your Help To Save Their Baby Girl From Heart Disease

Parents of the infants with congenital heart disease are often left confused because most of the babies at birth look healthy and normal. Doctors strive to make them understand that the symptoms can appear at any point in time and it's important that they get treated at the earliest. Unfortunately, most parents from rural areas are in denial about the heart disease until their babies turn blue or fall short of breath. Madhumathi and Sangili Murugan are one among them. Poor and illiterate, they were confused when doctors said that their baby is diagnosed with heart disease. It was extremely hard for them to believe because she looked like a normal baby. They took her home without any further tests and medicines. 

Their happy days soon came to an end  

Baby Sanjana’s first few months of life were perfect. She did not throw any tantrums and always had a smile on her face. They couldn't have been happier to see her grow. But when she turned 5-months-old, her breathing became fast and loud, she could hardly sleep. One day, her skin and lips turned blue. Madhumathi took her to the doctor immediately. 

"No one in our family has heart disease. For almost 4 months she never had any problem. We feel very guilty for ignoring the doctor's warning " - Madhumathi.

Baby Sanjana's heart is abnormally developed, the large vessels that carry blood from the heart to the lungs, and to the body are improperly connected and she also has a hole in her heart.

All these parents want is to save their only child

Sangili Murugan is a daily wage worker in a construction site. He does not get work on all days and when he does, he earns around Rs 300 per day. He and his wife had only one dream - to watch baby Sanjana grow healthy and happy. Sangili Murugan started working day and night to make sure that his daughter does not go through the pain of poverty. But even then, he's cannot afford the surgery.

“The money I earn is sometimes not even enough to afford our meals. I need 3.5 lakhs for the surgery. I can’t even imagine such a huge amount. I don't know anyone that can help me. All we have is our daughter. I can't give up on her.” – Sangili Murugan.

 Your contribution can save 6-month-old baby Sanjana

Supporting Document

  The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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