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My Husband Cannot See Our Newborn Twins Until We Have Enough Money To Save Their Lives

   My husband Dipankar and I were living a very modest and contented life. We were there for each other all the time. Our happiest moment in life was when I got pregnant after a long wait. Our joy knew no bounds when we found out that it was twins in the scan. My husband left for Canada to continue his post-doc. He went with so much of dreams and hopes and he was waiting every moment to come back and see our children.

I believe that babies listen to us even when they are in the womb. I used to talk so much to my children, I took immense care of my physical and mental health. I followed all the advice given by doctors and my family religiously. Little did I know that fate had other plans. When I was 6 months pregnant, I had labor pain and I was rushed to the hospital. Doctors said that an immediate C-section has to be done.

Needless to say about the labour pain, I felt like all the bones in my body were crushed at the same time. Despite the pain, my concern was the health of my babies.

I thought I was dying but the sound of the cries of my babies brought my life back. I can't describe in words how I felt. I was relieved that they are alive.Even before I could hold my babies in my hands they were taken to the ICU.

Both my son and daughter are battling for their lives. They weigh only 600 & 700 gms respectively. They are in incubators, I haven't held them in my hands yet. I wish I could hold and let them know how much I love.

My son's condition deteriorated and a surgery was done 2 days back. I was devastated when doctors told a surgery has to be done to save his life. I thought my world was ending again.  Doctors say they need to be in ICU for 7 more weeks. Each passing moment is painful.

I come to the hospital early in the morning and leave late night. How can I even think of sleeping when my children are struggling for their life.

My husband is in Canada now, we have decided not to spend on the flight tickets because now every rupee counts for us. We have almost drained all our savings. We are borrowing money. I don't mind losing anything but not my children at any cost.

It is very difficult for him and me as well. Every time I hang up the phone after talking to him, I cry so much. I shudder at the thought of treatment expenses for my twins.  We were living with my husband's stipend. I left my job after I became pregnant. I'm willing to do anything for my children but they need to be alive.

What worse can happen than to wait for such a long time and lose them even before holding them in hands? I wish when my husband comes back he should see his two little babies in perfect health.  They should survive and see this world.

I have no strength or anyone to hold on to now, my husband and I live with a hope that our children will survive and we also live a normal life like any other families. My babies need to continue the treatment without which they won't survive!

Please support me to save my children!

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Twin 2 - Male

Twin 1 - Female

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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