Priest’s Son Has Just 10 Days Left To Get A Transplant, It’s The Only Cure For His Blood Cancer | Milaap
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Priest’s Son Has Just 10 Days Left To Get A Transplant, It’s The Only Cure For His Blood Cancer

Until this July, Samarth’s day would begin with him accompanying his father, Dinesh, to the temple in the early hours of the morning before leaving for school. He would pray for a new computer game, and be on his way. But ever since his cancer diagnosis, Samarth’s day begins in the hospital. Now when he visits the temple on some evenings, he prays that he gets to go back to school and be healthy like before. Cancer, however, hasn’t dimmed his spirit. Samarth remains positive and often gives courage to parents of cancer-ridden children in the hospital. “Don’t worry aunty, your daughter will be fine once she finishes the treatment. I’ve also fought it once before this,” he says with an assuring smile on his face. Dinesh and Vandana couldn’t be prouder of their son, they find strength in his positivity, but that alone isn’t enough to save him.

Samarth knows he has cancer but remains positive

Samarth was first diagnosed with cancer just before Christmas in 2012. He was only 6-years-old then and had never heard of the word before. But now, Samarth understands the implications of cancer. The tech-savvy child that he is, he decided to Google the word when they found out that his blood cancer had relapsed in July this year. What he found were many articles on cancer and the treatment he requires, but it didn’t deter his spirit.

“He’s always talking or reading about the latest software available in computers and mobile phones. He’s very interested in all this, and this generation knows so much about it. Even if we wanted to, we couldn’t keep him from finding out about his cancer. He didn’t ask us any questions when he did, though. He just said that he will be fine with treatment, and we pray every day that his strength pulls him through.” – Dinesh, father

His father, a priest, has exhausted all his resources

Dinesh has already spent a large amount on his son’s treatment the first time. A priest in Ludhiana, Punjab, he now has nothing left to afford his son’s bone marrow transplant – the only way for him to fight blood cancer. Having borrowed from friends, family and taken many loans over the years, he now finds himself helpless.

Samarth and his older sister

Samarth has 10 days left to get the transplant – our support can save him

Samarth’s older sister (14) is a matched donor for his bone marrow transplant. He’s positive he will be healthy with the transplant, and with our support he can have that chance. Samarth can go back to school and have the childhood he longs for. He needs 14 lakhs for his treatment and by coming together, we can help Samarth fight cancer for good.

Samarth can have a chance of a healthy life with our support.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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