Despite Begging On The Streets, This Mother Can't Afford The Life-Saving Surgery For Her 2-Year-Old | Milaap
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Despite Begging On The Streets, This Mother Can't Afford The Life-Saving Surgery For Her 2-Year-Old

“What have I not done to get my baby cured? I have sold a pair of gold earrings, borrowed from people and even begged on the streets of Kolkata to afford Rokiya’s treatment but nothing helped.”  - Tajmera, mother. 

2-year-old baby, Rokiya, is unable to pee on her own and tubes are attached to her to help her do it. They need to change it about six times a day. Her stomach gets swollen and she cries out in pain if it is not done. She is in urgent need of a surgery that will better her condition but there is no way her poor family can afford it.

An abnormal defect of the spine at birth has led to Rokiya’s current condition

Rokiya was born with a congenital disorder due to which there is an abnormal development in her lower spine. She also has a dysfunctioning bladder because of this abnormality, it doesn't allow her to pass urine on her own. A surgery, followed by proper hospital care is the only way that she can be cured now.
“My baby has always been underweight since birth but the doctors assured me she will be fine if we fed her nutritious food. I tried my best but she wasn’t improving. It was only when she was 1.5 years old that I noticed an abnormality around her waist - it was strangely narrow. Only then did I get to know about this complication. Since then, I have been running from pillar to post but in vain.”

With a sick husband and bare minimum income, Tajmera can't save Rokiya on her own

Tajmera’s husband, Rajumullah usually stays sick. He has already had tuberculosis twice and suffers from a severe backache by carrying a heavy load. He ferries vegetables and fruits on his little boat across Bidyadhari river near his house and earns a meager income. Tajmera used to work as a domestic help but with Rokiya’s condition worsening, she hasn’t been able to do anything.

The surgery would cost me about Rs 2 lakhs, I haven’t even seen Rs 2000 in my life

Despite making all the possible efforts, Tajmera is unable to afford the surgery that can save Rokiya’s life. They need another Rs 2.5 lakhs and have already spent around a lakh. Without help, there is no way they can make this happen. The baby girl is suffering from immense pain - she can hardly eat anything and often runs a temperature.
“This is the only hope for me now. If you all come forward and help me only then will my baby live.”

Your generous contribution can save this 2-year-old's life

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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