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Boy Who Met With An Accident While Saving A Puppy, Now Lies In The ICU

Would you give your life to save an animal? Rishi has loved animals for all 17 years of his life. He loved them all regardless of their shape, size, and number of feet. On Diwali, just a few months ago, Rishi was on his way to celebrate with his cousins when a puppy ran onto the road. Rishi hit the brakes and swerved away from the pup. The inertia, threw him off balance, resulting in an accident.  Rishi is a diabetic whose injuries now threaten his life.

'We could have never anticipated this situation as he always stuck to a diet'

Rishi got back onto the bike and rode home. His neighbors saw him limping in pain and took him to the hospital. X-ray showed a fractured knee. The doctor bound the knee in a cast and sent him home.

In 2 days, I found him choking, unable to breathe. We rushed to the hospital where tests showed that he has Diabetic Ketoacidosis. If blood sugar is too high for too long, this happens. He had never missed a tablet. I don’t know how this happened. The bad news kept rolling in one after the other. Rishi’s kidneys are also injured. He was moved to the ICU and has been there ever since.” - Jayendra (father)

Living with diabetes felt like a punishment

Jayendra works as a peon at a college in the village. After Rishi was diagnosed with diabetes in 2012, he struggled to afford insulin and other medicines. He used everything he had to help his son cope with the disorder.

"For Rishi, life was different from the other kids. He had to cut back on sugar, refuse chocolate, ice cream, even some fruits, and vegetables. He had to stick to a timetable throughout the day, eat at those times, sleep at the right time. He missed out on things that usually makes childhood. Now, it feels like he might lose out on life itself." - Jayendra

Jayendra borrowed Rs. 2 lakhs from the villagers for Rishi’s treatment

“We would have to live on debt for the rest of our lives if we continue borrowing. Even if we are going to do our best to repay, people refuse to lend anymore because they feel they cannot recover the money. We need another Rs 4 lakhs for Rishi’s treatment. Is there any way you can help us?” - Jayendra

Rishi is lying in the ICU hardly conscious at times, struggling to breathe on his own. He loves animals and values them, so much that he was not afraid to risk an injury while saving a helpless puppy. 

This 17-year-old has a good heart, one that is rare to come by. Your support can keep it beating.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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