Despite Losing His Job, This Father Is Hopeful Of Saving His 2-Year-Old From Cancer With Your Help | Milaap
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Despite Losing His Job, This Father Is Hopeful Of Saving His 2-Year-Old From Cancer With Your Help

Rehan’s birth was a joyous moment for Ajay and Pooja - they were looking forward to a life full of happiness with their little son. But little Rehan has always been sick since he was born. His constant sickness has made him cranky and uncannily quiet for a little child.
“Unlike other children his age, Rehan was not very energetic. Visits to the doctor became a part of our daily routine. But in our heart we hoped that he would get better soon. Now he is lying down in a hospital bed fighting cancer and the only thought on my mind is to take him back home, fully cured. But with no job in hand, I don't know how that is possible. I had to choose between my son and my job, and I chose Rehan.” - Ajay, father.

Rehan hides behind his mom every time the doctors come to check on him

Rehan is very scared of the doctors and nurses who constantly come to check on him. He is afraid that every time they come they are going to pierce his skin with sharp needles. He hides behind his mother, Pooja and pleads her to ask the doctors to go. But Rehan, who is fighting blood cancer, is in urgent need of chemotherapy. He doesn’t know that the only way he can get better is through this.

An old photo of Rehan when he was healthy

With no one to help, Ajay has lost his job while taking care of his son

For the last two months, Ajay has been busy taking care of his little son. He hasn’t been able to go to the garment shop where he works. The family's only source of income stopped a month ago when Ajay lost his job.


I have lost my job but I know that bringing my son to Bangalore from Kolkata was the right decision. Now, I am looking for a job here so that I can bear the expenses for Rehan’s daily medicines.

How you can help

Rehan is fighting blood cancer and is tired and weak. The 2-year-old often complains of severe body ache and can’t sleep at night. He needs to stay in the hospital for the chemotherapy but all he wants is to go back to his home. Sleeping on an empty stomach on the hospital corridors, Ajay is struggling very hard to get his son treated. He has already spent about a lakh and is in no condition to arrange for Rs 5.5 lakhs for the chemotherapy.  A generous contribution from your end can bring back their happiness and give Rehan a second chance at life.

Your help can Rehan live a healthy life

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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