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Baby Girl With Down Syndrome Has Only One Week Left To Get A Life-Saving Heart Surgery

We could hear her heart beating, loud and fast. It was terrifying. She was a 4-month-old baby when we found out about the hole in her heart. Even though the doctors said it might heal on its own, I shouldn’t have waited this long. I can’t help but blame myself for everything that’s happening to her now.

2-year-old Rakshita has not taken her first steps or said her first words yet. Her parents, Vignesh and Ramya, are eagerly waiting for the day their baby girl starts reaching little milestones. Unfortunately for them, that day might never come if she doesn’t get a heart surgery soon. Baby Rakshita’s tears are uncontrollable every time she’s taken to the hospital and her eyes are filled with fear. Her parents are willing to do anything to take her pain away, but are struggling.

Their little baby not only has down syndrome but also a serious heart condition

Baby Rakshita was born with a hole in the heart that was diagnosed when she was 4-months-old. What should’ve healed with time is now only getting worse. The little one has also developed a problem with her mitral valve which makes the blood flow back to the heart. This is extremely dangerous if not treated soon.

“We used to think her heart beat so fast because she was afraid of something, but when it continued to happen, we knew it wasn’t normal. Our baby girl is special. Her physical and mental development is not like other children. Now her heart is also giving up on her. We thought her only challenge would be to live with down syndrome, but now she might not even have a chance to grow up."

Rakshita needs surgery as early as next week, but her parents can’t afford it

Our relatives tell us that she’s too small and we shouldn’t get the surgery, so I’ve stopped talking to people about her. Every time I explain that I need money for her surgery, they give me their opinion. Some even ask me to take her to different temples. But I know that only a surgery can save her. The doctor said that she needs it next week and I’ve spent the past few days only looking for a way to pay for the surgery.”

Vignesh is a daily wage labourer and earns nearly Rs. 300 on a good day. On other days, he goes around looking for work, often returning home empty-handed. With low income and an unstable job, Vignesh has no way to save his only child’s life.

How You Can Help

“I’ve never gone to school, so I don’t understand a lot of things. All I know is that my daughter can be saved with surgery, but my meagre income will never be enough. It will take me years to afford 2 lakhs, and by then, it’ll be too late.
Rakshita can be saved with an open-heart surgery which she needs as early as next week. Vignesh and Ramya are running out of time to arrange for funds and desperately need help.

Your support will save Rakshita’s life.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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