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8-Year-Old Girl Whose Liver Is Completely Damaged Will Not Survive Without An Urgent Transplant

"My daughter is very precious to me – I will do anything to save her. Ever since they told us that her liver was damaged, we have been very careful with her health. The last eight years, we spent everything we've earned on keeping her alive till we could arrange a transplant. Now she is so sick that there is no more time left for my girl.” Arati, Rajnandini's mother.

8-year-old Rajnandini has had liver disease since birth. Despite two surgeries, she is now in the last stage and medicines are no longer enough to keep her alive. Arati has come forward to donate a portion of her liver to save Rajnandini's life. But the poor parents cannot afford the transplant.

Rajnandini has only known sickness all her life

Rajnandini did not stand or even sit up till she was 3-year-old. Even when she grew strong enough to walk, she had a lot of vomiting, indigestion and stomach and lung infections. Her parents have devoted so much time to taking care of her that Rajnandini's older brother sometimes feels neglected.

“When she was four-months-old they told us she needed a liver transplant. Though we have been very careful with her health, she falls sick all the time. She gets very high fevers time – 102-105 degrees. We follow a strict diet for her". Arati, Rajnandini's mother.

It breaks her parents' heart to think she may not make it

Despite battling constant jaundice, fevers and infections all her life, Rajnandini is full of life. Her parents are amazed at how many dreams their little girl has. She loves dancing, fashion and drawing. But her biggest happiness is reading and studying. She insists on going to school no matter how sick she gets.

“My daughter is very smart – she has the passion for reading. When she is very sick, she'll take some rest, get up and pick up her books again. Even when she is admitted to the hospital, with the needle in her had, she wants her books – at least her drawing book to write on.” – Arati, Rajnandini's mother.

No matter how much he tries, Kiran can't afford a liver transplant

Kiran is a truck driver from Aurwad, a small village near Kolhapur. For his daughter, he is always near home and does not earn more than Rs 5,000 a month. His worst fears are coming true as Rajnandini's health has started to fail. Two weeks back, her stomach filled up with fluid. She was rushed to the hospital to get the water removed. Rajnandini has the end-stage liver disease. Her liver is completely damaged.

“Her condition is getting worse in front of our eyes. It is our only option. She keeps telling us that it hurts. We can't even cry, because if we cry, our little girl will start crying too. We don't have a choice but to be strong. It is the only way we can save our daughter.” – Arati.

How to help

Since Rajnandini's condition worsened, Kiran has spent over Rs 2 lakhs on treatment and tests alone. This was the money he had carefully saved hoping to use it for her liver transplant. Her mother is found to be a fit donor and a transplant needs to be arranged at the earliest.

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Supporting Documents

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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