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Helpless Widowed Mother Is Struggling To Save 8-Year-Old From Blood Cancer

When Govind Kanwar’s husband passed away more than 2 years ago, she found herself helpless, as on her fell the entire responsibility of the entire household and her two young children, Divya (14) and Pushpendra (8). She was just a housewife who wasn’t educated and did not have any work experience, but that did not stop her from facing the difficulties life had thrown at her boldly. She secured a job as a peon in a government office in her hometown of Jaipur and was somehow managing everything well when life again let her down recently when her son, Pushpendra, was diagnosed with a severe form of blood cancer.

“I was just slowly getting used to life after my husband’s passing. Now cancer threatens to take my son away from me. I cannot let that happen, but I don’t have the means to save him on my meagre salary, all by myself,”-Govind, with tears in her eyes.

What they initially believed to be tonsillitis was actually something far worse

Pushpendra had always been a happy and energetic child. His favourite hobby was running after his elder sister Divya and pulling her pigtails. But two months back, life as he knew it, changed forever. He was down with fever one day, which was initially diagnosed to be tonsillitis, an inflammation of the two oval-shaped pads at the back of the throat. But when he did not get better with the medicines prescribed for it, his mother became worried and took him to a better hospital in Jaipur, where he was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, a form of blood cancer which results in the abnormal production of white blood cells.

“Nobody in our family has had cancer, so we did not even understand the severity of Pushpendra’s condition until the doctors explained it to us when he was initially diagnosed. But when I saw what it did to my son over the next few days – making him unable to even do basic activities like bathing by himself – I knew that we were up against a very deadly disease,”-Govind.

This mother has to leave Pushpendra in the care of her aged parents as she cannot afford to take many leaves

Working as a peon in a government office in Jaipur, Govind earns less than Rs 11,000 a month, with which she has to provide for her two children and also take care of her aged father Kan Singh and mother Hawa Kanwar. Ever since Pushpendra was diagnosed, she has had to leave him in their custody because with the increasing expenses, she cannot afford to take leaves with loss of pay. She wants to be there by her son’s side and take care of him, but her circumstances do not allow her that luxury. She had to beg and borrow to start his treatment, but she does not have the means to continue it and is struggling.

“My husband did not have insurance nor left us with any ancestral property that we could sell. We have no money and therefore I cannot even take a day’s leave to be with my sick son,”-Govind

Pushpendra longs to go back to school, but his weakness does not let him get up from bed now

Once a boy who had to be forced to come indoors after playing for hours outside, Pushpendra has changed drastically and is almost bedridden now. When he is not in the hospital for chemotherapy, he is at home facing its dreadful side-effects: vomiting and recurrent fever. When his sister comes back from school, he asks her to narrate incidents at school. He misses his classmates and teachers, and wants to meet them badly. But he also knows that he has to get better for that, so he becomes satisfied with whatever his sister tells him.

“He has started eating very little nowadays – his mind is never at peace as all he thinks about is school. He never used to miss a class before, but look at him now,”-Govind, tearfully.

How you can help

8-year-old Pushpendra is suffering from acute blood cancer, for which he needs prolonged chemotherapy. His widowed mother does not have the means to continue his treatment, without which he cannot survive.

With your kind contribution, this poor mother will be able to save her son

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