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This Mother In Severe Debt Has One Last Chance To Save Her Son From Cancer

Nithin is fighting cancer for the third time now and his mother, a poor farmer, has no means to afford the treatment he needs. Together, we can help save Nithin.  

Nithin has spent his entire life shuffling between hospital and home, getting blood tests, and enduring chemotherapy. As he grew up, he started going to the hospital on his own to collect his test reports.

"Last month I saw him sitting on the floor, with his new reports spread out. “It’s back, amma. Will this ever end?” he asked. We sat in silence the whole night," - Komala, mother

Nithin has fought cancer for years 

Nithin had no choice but to grow up much ahead of his age because of the disease that has consumed his life – cancer. He has braved the worst of blood cancer. The extreme fatigue and weakness that had left him bedridden for over 6 months, the constant pain in his body, the vomiting and worst of all, the feeling of hopelessness. Nithin had overcome it all in 2016.

“After his treatment was complete, he started going to school again. His hair started growing, he was gaining weight, and the life that was once drained out of him was returning to his face. We thought the worst was behind us. We had thought this the first time when Nithin had a cancerous tumour in his kidney when he was 3, and we were wrong.” – Komala

Nithin undergoing painful chemotherapy

Nithin had slowly started regaining his strength 

Nithin loves playing cricket with his friends. The first thing he did after regaining his strength was go watch his friends play. He soon started playing sports, going to school and was even preparing for his class 10 board exams. But just after 6 months after attending classes, Komala and Nagaraj found out that Nithin’s blood cancer had relapsed. They found out last month and were shattered beyond words. The burden that had once lifted from their shoulders had returned, heavier than ever. This was his last chance to fight cancer – but now he needs chemotherapy followed by a bone marrow transplant, the cost of which his farmer parents can’t afford by any means.

His farmer parents are now in severe debt

Komala struggles to recall how much they’ve spent over the years for Nithin’s treatment. For 14 years now, her son has had to fight the disease at different intervals of life, and every time they thought it would be his last fight with the disease, it returned. And for 14 years, Nagaraj and she, both farmers in Kolar, Karnataka, with a small piece of land, have been doing everything they can to get him treated. While Komala is with Nithin in Bangalore for his treatment, Nagaraj is back home in Kolar, working day and night to try and afford his treatment.

“We’ve borrowed from everyone we know. And every time we did, we told them it was the last time. We can’t go back to them anymore. We don’t have anything left of our own either. The rains are scarce and we barely earn 4,000 a month. We need 40 lakhs to save our son from this disease that has never let him have a normal childhood, and we can’t do it without help.”

How You Can Help

After years of medical expenses, Komala and Nagaraj are buried in debt. They don’t have much to call their own. They have toiled day and night to save their son, Nithin, from cancer. But this time, they can’t do it alone. Nithin needs a bone marrow transplant at the earliest to survive. Your support can save this young boy and give him a new lease of life where he’s free of the pain of cancer.

Your support will save Nithin’s life.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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