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2-Year-Old's Life In Danger After Frequent Seizures Caused By Brain Tumor, Needs Immediate Help

"While I was traveling in the bus with my 2-year-old baby, suddenly her eyes rolled up and she started shaking her hand and leg vigorously. The seizures became violent in no time and I was terrified. I did not understand what to do. The commotion on the bus was very overwhelming, I was lost and crying. I couldn't think anything with the baby in my arms uncontrollably shaking. A passerby was kind to help me reach the nearest hospital and ever since then she has been fighting for her life." - Chitralekha, baby Sanvitha's mother.

Just when these parents thought they saved their baby, cancer had spread in her brain and put her on brink of life

Little Sanvitha was diagnosed with a brain tumor a few months ago. The couple had sold the only means of survival - a farming land and got her operated in Chennai. The tumor was removed and the parents were relieved that they had saved their daughter. Though she was not as active as before, Subbarao and Chitralekha thought she would get better but her health only deteriorated. Though she continuously puked and had become very weak, she was still able to travel. All that changed when she was severely attacked with seizures.

"A couple of local hospitals turned me away as my daughter was very critical and they refused to treat her. I was all by myself and petrified to lose her. A doctor helped my baby to control the seizures and told me to take her to the hospital in Chennai where she underwent the surgery. I have been told that even though the cancerous tumor was removed, cancer had spread in the brain. I was devastated and couldn't bear to think that I'll lose my little one," - Chitralekha.

Despite skipping meals to provide nutritious food for her daughter, her health only worsened

Little Sanvitha is suffering from an undifferentiated brain tumor and residual neurological deficit, a more malignant form of cancer, where the cancerous cells begin to divide more vigorously and spreads quickly throughout the brain. It also causes abnormal function of a few body areas due to which Sanvitha's legs and hands are affected. Apart from immediate treatment for controlling her seizures, she also needs chemotherapy urgently to beat cancer before it spreads completely. She requires to be under observation in the hospital for  five days.

"Even though we are barely able to have a meal a day, we make sure that our daughter gets everything she needs. There are hardly any days that she doesn't throw up. We give her milk only with a hope that she doesn't vomit today. She has also developed a high fever which is only increasing day by day. Even seizures have not completely stopped, she suffers them sometimes. At times, she cries inconsolably and can hardly say anything. I try my best to console her but in vain there is nothing that can make her feel better." - Chitralekha.

This farmer who sold his only land for his daughter's first surgery has nothing left to save her now

"After selling the only land that I worked on all my life, I started working as a daily wage laborer in other's farm. I barely earn Rs 100 a day. With this little income, it has become impossible to feed my family at least once in a day. I have borrowed money for the expenses of the hospital. I want to do everything I can to see my baby smile again but even if I work for my entire life, I won't be able to earn 6 lakhs which is the cost of the treatment that can save my daughter's life." - Subbarao, Baby Sanvitha's father.

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2-year-old Sanvitha is suffering from undifferentiated brain tumor, a malignant form of cancer, where the cancerous cells divide and quickly spread across the brain, making it fatal. Urgent chemotherapy is the only means of survival for little Sanvitha. Her parents who are unable to even afford a meal a day cannot save her from certain death without help.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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