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Despite Working Day And Night, Daily Wager Can't Afford To Save 2-Month-Old Baby From Heart Disease

Senthil and Muthulakshmi were thrilled with the arrival of their baby Muvikaran.  Their elder son Esakimuthu (11) was all excited about his little brother. Despite the poverty, they lived a happy life and were hopeful that their economic condition would change one day. They named him 'Muvikaran' after their family God. When they began to feel hopeful about their life, the worst happened. Their little baby Muvikaran began to struggle for every breath and his heart murmurs were rapid. This 2-month-old baby underwent an urgent heart surgery, but even that did not end his pain. Their baby's life continues to revolve around the painful injections, medicines and countless tests in the hospital. His father who has been working day and night has lost count on the money he has borrowed to save his baby's life. Yet, nothing seems to help him. He and his wife fear that they might never be able to hold their baby in their arms again. 

Baby Muvikaran has severe heart defects that make it difficult for him to breathe normally

Baby Muvikaran did not have any health issues when he was born. In fact, the scan reports during Muthulakshmi's pregnancy also did not reveal any complications. His parents did not have any reason to worry about his health. Just a week after his birth, he was running a high temperature. His parents were terrified when he fell short of breath and his skin turned blue. They immediately rushed him to the hospital. He was diagnosed with a heart disease in which his tricuspid heart valve was missing and it blocks blood flow from the right atrium to the right ventricle and he also had large holes in the heart. Baby Muvikaran had urgent surgery to improve the functions of his heart.

"I didn't know how his little body could bear a surgery but doctors clearly said surgery was the only option to save his life. We begged the doctors to save our son at any cost. I couldn't forget the day he choked on milk and struggled to breath. I did not understand what was happening and that was the last time, I held him in my arms." - Muthulakshmi, Mother.

Despite the heart surgery, Baby Muvikaran's health has not improved and he needs ICU stay to recover completely

Even before Muthulakshmi and Senthil could understand their baby's condition, his health deteriorated. They thought they can take him back home after the surgery and were determined to do anything to provide him with all the care needed. However, their baby was taken to ICU soon after the surgery and doctors said he needs prolonged ICU stay to recover completely.

"Now he is lying in the ICU with tubes fitted everywhere on his little body. I'm scared to touch him, fearing that even my slight touch will affect him. It is so painful to see him in this condition. I keep asking myself 'what did I do to go through all this?' Now all I ask in life is for my baby's life. I can't imagine going home without him."

Family is devastated on seeing baby Muvikaran's condition and they are desperately waiting to take him back home

Muthulakshmi refuses to move away from her baby even for a minute. She cries all the day standing next to the baby, while Senthil has been running back and forth to the hospital. This has been the most difficult phase of their life. Every passing minute is filled with the fear of losing their precious baby. But they have gathered all their strength and trying all possible ways to save their precious baby.

Poor father has no means to save his baby's life

Senthil is a daily wage construction labourer.  He gets work only 15 days in a month, the rest of the days, he goes for odd jobs to feed his family. Ever since his baby was admitted to the hospital, he is working day and night. He does not say 'no' to any odd jobs. He saves every rupee that he earns to pay for his baby's treatment. He has borrowed from everyone he knew. Now he does not know whom to turn for help.

"The bills are mounting up everyday and I do not know what to do. Every time I go to the hospital with an empty pocket, I feel I have failed as a father. I'm physically and emotionally exhausted but I'm forcing myself to work day and night. I'm trying all possibilities but nothing seems to be enough. I will never be able to forgive myself, if I fail to save my baby's life because of my poverty." - Senthil.

How you can help

2-month-old baby Muvikaran needs prolonged ICU stay to recover completely from his heart disease. He has been in the ICU for more than a month. He is showing improvement but he will not survive without the treatment. His poor parents are struggling to save him and are desperately waiting to take him back home. All that the baby has experienced is pain and your contribution can help him live a normal life.

Your contribution can help this poor construction worker to take his baby back to home

Supporting document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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