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Newborn Baby With Curved Feet And Massive Wound On Her Back, Can’t Stop Crying In Pain

“My first child - I had a miscarriage at about 6 months. Mushkan came into our lives 4 years later. I found comfort in her after losing my first baby... But she was born like this. We never expected that something like this would happen, that she would be born with a tumour, and curved feet. I was so careful throughout my pregnancy, even with what I ate and drank. I don’t know how this happened…” - Sita, mother

She has been enduring unbearable pain since the day she was born

15-day-old baby Mushkan's family has seen her suffer since her birth. She was diagnosed with a rare congenital defect called Myelomeningocele, a severe type of spina bifida in which the membranes and the spinal nerves protrude at birth, forming a sac on the baby's back. The huge bulge on her back torments her while she is asleep, causing intense pain and discomfort.
“I can’t imagine the pain she’s having to endure from that wound. Any normal person can barely deal with a small wound, but my small baby has such a huge one! If I touch her, or try to dress her wound, she screams and cries out in pain. The doctors won't tell us anything about her condition. Without knowing what’s going on, we don’t know what to do or where to take her.” - Sita

Initial surgery left a wound her on back that is yet to heal

As her baby’s condition wasn’t detected in the womb, Sita gave birth to a deformed baby girl with a massive tumour on her back and an enlarged head. The concerned doctors surgically removed the tumour, but the baby was left with a large wound on her back. Eventually, it could lead to her exposed nervous system becoming infected, so surgery intervention is an urgent requirement for little Mushkan.

“We were so desperate at that point, that we wasted no time and took her to Ranchi with the hope that we could find a proper hospital where we can seek treatment for her and finally find out what this thing is. Even there, we shuffled through so many clinics and hospitals, but we still had no clarity. We only managed to get some medicines for her and somehow, that has been helping a little. The wound is healing, but extremely slowly.” - Sita

Her parents do not have the means to afford her expensive treatment

Mushkan's father, Bijay, has two children, both girls, from his first marriage. After his first wife's death, he married Sita to take care of the family, so that the girls do not feel the absence of their mother. Sita struggled through her life and had a miscarriage during her first pregnancy. Then, fortunately, after four years, she gave birth to Mushkan, but her congenital condition left them in a state of shock.

While Sita has been tending to her ailing daughter, Bijay has been tirelessly striving to procure funds for his baby’s treatment so she doesn't lose her childhood and gets a shot at living a normal life. Sita works as a domestic help, and Bijay is a labourer, but their monthly income combined is a mere INR 7,000, which is hardly enough to sustain their family.

They also have debts from the mounting bills, and no way to repay them as they often stumble upon Mushkan's medical expenses. Sita even sold her jewelleries and placed all their funds on the line, but received nothing but dissatisfaction.

“I will only be happy when my baby can get proper treatment and get better. I can’t bear to see her like this. We can’t either sleep peacefully at night nor go about our day knowing how much she is suffering. I can’t keep my tears at bay, when she starts crying at the lightest touch. We don’t even know how much her treatment will cost, but all I want is for her to get better.” - Sita

Baby Mushkan’s treatment and surgery will cost at least INR 30 lakhs, an unimaginable for these poor parents to afford. They need your help to save their little one. Click here to donate and give little Mushkan a new lease of life.
Patient Mushkan is 15 days old, living in Chaibasa, Jharkhand
Being treated in Aster CMI Hospital, Bengaluru, Karnataka

Receiving treatment for Spinal dysraphism

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