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5-year-old Thinks Chemotherapy Is A Punishment For Being Bad

5-year-old Dipesh refuses to open his eyes every morning. He thinks he is in a waking nightmare. 'Are we home yet?' he asks his parents, hoping today would be the day he gets to see the familiar distressed walls of his home, instead of the spic and span hospital room. He thinks he brushed too hard and made himself bleed, and that he played outside in the cold and got a fever. He thinks he is being punished for being bad while he has cancer and nobody is able to explain it to him.

The mother longs to take her son out of the hospital and see him happy again

Kalavati can’t believe that her happy family isn’t the way it was a month ago. She lived with her husband, Banshi and 2 kids- Dipesh and 12-year-old Seema. Her entire day would get lost in taking care of them, but now one of them is away in the hospital. It breaks her heart to see Dipesh fighting cancer at such a young age.

“2 months ago, when Dipesh was brushing his teeth, he started screaming. Terrified, I ran to him to find his mouth full of blood. He was sweating badly. We immediately rushed him to the doctor."- Kalavati

Blood transfusions alone are no longer enough to keep Dipesh alive

After Dipesh was diagnosed with blood cancer, the doctors told them that he needs to be treated in a hospital with better facilities. So, they borrowed whatever they could from their relatives, left their daughter Seema back at home in the care of their relatives and took Dipesh to Kolkata. The doctors in the new hospital put him on chemotherapy to stop his aggressive cancer.

" My son's blood cancer has left him so weak.His body burns with fever constantly and he often becomes pale. My little boy has to undergo treatment for months till his cancer is gone, otherwise, doctors said we will lose him."- Kalavati

After spending more than a lakh on his son's treatment, Banshi has no money left

Banshi works as a caretaker in agricultural farms. With his modest income, he managed to take care of the family. But now to get his son treated, he has already borrowed more than Rs 1.5 lakhs. Dipesh has to undergo chemotherapy for another 6 months. The funds required for this is Rs 8 lakhs. In Banshi’s words, ‘even if I work all my life, I will never be able to arrange such a huge amount.'

How you can help

5-year-old Dipesh is suffering from acute blood cancer. He needs chemotherapy for 6 months to stay alive. His poor father is in no position to arrange the money required to save him. Without any support, the parents will lose their son.

Your support will help this little child stay alive

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