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Helpless Mother Is Struggling To Save Her 7-Month-Old From Cancer

Reyansh is just 7-months-old and in this tender age he is going through so much pain.There is nothing that I can do to reduce my baby’s suffering. I feel so guilty as a mother that I can't do anything when I see my son in pain. My elder son is back at home and every time he calls me he cries saying ‘Mumma, when will you be back? I miss you so much.’ I had leave him back to save my little one. Every day I pray to God that no other mother should go through my situation." - Vinita, mother of 7-month-old Reyansh.

Reyansh had just started crawling when he was down with a high fever that was not getting any better

Little Reyansh has been diagnosed with Juvenile Myelomonocytic Leukemia (JMML), it is a very rare form of cancer which is produced from immature blood stem cells. He is weak and tired and lies in the bed crying in pain. The doctors have told Vinita and her husband, Jaideep that the only hope for their son is an urgent bone marrow transplant.

 Baby Reyansh with his father Jaideep before the diagnosis

“My greatest moment of happiness was when my son was placed in my arms. The sun rays through the window fell on his little face, we decided that we will name him ‘Reyansh’ - ‘the first ray of sunlight.’ We had no idea then that things will worsen so fast for him. In the month of July, he had started turning on the bed on his own and was almost crawling. We were so excited about his every little development. But just at this time he caught a fever that was not going down at all. We got scared and took him to the doctors. To our utmost shock, the doctors said that he has cancer.”

Miles away from the family, Vinita is having a tough time taking care of the little Reyansh

Jaideep and Vinita were happy with their two sons in Udaipur. Their days passed away happily bringing up two healthy boys who were full of mischief and who always kept Vinita and Jayadeep on their toes. But then came the news of Reyansh’s cancer that shattered all their dreams.
“Reyansh doesn’t let me leave his side in the hospital. The chemotherapy has taken a toll on his little body and has made him very weak. The fever comes and goes and on days he undergoes chemotherapy, he vomits the entire night. Lying on my lap, he cries till he gets tired and falls asleep. I try everything in my hand but fail to comfort him. As I sing a lullaby and try to put him to sleep, I wish he gets well soon and we can take him back home.”

The family is struggling very hard to arrange for the life-saving transplant for their little baby

Jaideep works in a private firm and is the sole earning member of his family. His old parents are also dependent on him. He has been single-handedly taking care of everything and has already spent around 8 lakhs for Reyansh’s treatment. His little baby’s condition is worsening day by day and only a bone marrow transplant can save his life. Jaideep has exhausted all his savings and he has not been able to go for his work for the past two months due to Reyansh’s failing health. He is in no condition to arrange for 35 lakhs that will be needed for the transplant.  

How you can help

7-month-old Reyansh is battling cancer and the only way he can live a healthy life is with the help of an urgent bone marrow transplant within a month. But his parents are helpless and are unable to afford the transplant. Your kind contribution can bring back the smile on Vinita and Jaideep’s face and give little Reyansh a second chance at life.

Your support can save Reyansh's life

Supporting Document 

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team. 

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