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Fisherwoman Abandoned By Her Husband Needs Help To Save Her Only Son From Heart Disease

It is a hard life for fisher woman like Naneeshwari who live along the coast of Rameswaram. Her normal working day starts at 6 am and she works till 4 pm, sometimes even later. She visits around 30 homes and does not return home till she has sold off the entire basket of fish. This has been her routine since her husband left her when Gowtham was just a 5-month-old baby. Amidst all her struggle, it was her son who gave her hope and happiness. But now a cruel heart disease threatens to take him away from her. Unfortunately, she has no means to save him.

His heart disease was diagnosed at a free health camp in his school

When Gowtham started going to school, he had many stories to share with his mother. Despite being tired, Naneeshwari always listened attentively to those anecdotes. But one day, he shared a terrifying news with her -  "Amma, today doctors came to our school, my teacher asked you to come tomorrow."  Naneeshwari was shocked, she was anxious and could not sleep that night.  The next day, she went to school and heard a devastating news.

"They told me that my son has many defects in his heart and he is not getting enough oxygen. I did not understand anything. He was always slow and got tired very fast but I never took it seriously. I regret every moment now." - Naneeshwari.

Heart surgery can save his life but this poor mother has no means to afford it

It has been a month since Gowtham's heart disease was diagnosed and there is a drastic change in his health. He has stopped eating and even walking a few steps makes him breathless. He is sleeping all the time. A stubborn cold leaves him with a  terrible headache. He does not let his mother move away from his side. Naneeshwari feels extremely helpless and she fears that she will not be able to save her son.

"Even when my husband left me I was determined to stay strong for my son. But now, I'm broken. How can I arrange for Rs 2 lakhs? I can't even imagine it." - Naneeshwari.

You can help this distraught mother save her son

Naneeshwari , a poor fisherwoman, has always been strong despite enduring so much pain in her life but when her son was diagnosed with heart disease, she was totally shattered. Her 5-year-old son Gowtham is her only hope in life and she works day and night for him. He is in constant pain and extremely tired. He needs an urgent heart surgery to live a normal life. When she sells fish she earns around Rs 200 per day but it has been a month since she went for work. She is borrowing money even for every meals and to afford the surgery is beyond her means. She needs your help.

We can together save Gowtham's life

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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