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7-Year-Old Suffering From Violent Seizures Cannot Recognize Parents, Needs Urgent Help

“My son has been lying unconscious in the ICU for more than 28 days now. Whenever he wakes up, he has such violent seizures- his eyes roll up and his entire body shakes violently. The doctors have to sedate him so that he doesn't harm himself. He doesn’t even recognize us now. The only way that he can eat now is through the pipe fit into his nose. I am waiting for the day when I can bring him out of the ICU,” - Nisha, 7-year-old Arhan’s mother.

The fever that turned into violent seizures can even kill the little boy

Almost one and a half months ago, when little Arhan had a high fever, Nisha thought like other times, a paracetamol would make him better. When the fever didn’t subside for days, she took her little boy to the village doctor. But in just a day, his temperature rose to dangerous levels. He began shaking violently, started convulsing and became unconscious. Nisha and Sartaj had never seen something like this before. Afraid for their son's life, they took him from their village in Bundi, Rajasthan to Jaipur.

Our villagers told us that it was some evil spirit and we needed to ask for forgiveness at the temple. I am glad that we decided to take him to the doctor instead of believing the superstitions. Else, those seizures and violent movements might even have killed him.

Arhan needs prolonged ICU care without which his brain nerves can get severely damaged 

Little Arhan is suffering from autoimmune encephalitis, a neuro- psychiatric disease. If left untreated, it can cause severe damage to the brain nerves. Arhan has been in the ICU for almost a month now and needs to stay there for another 3 weeks to be out of danger.

“Everyone loved my little son. He was one of those lovable kids in the village who would be invited to everyone’s houses. He would play with everyone, but he was closest to his 15-year-old brother, Zeeshan. They couldn't stand being away from each other. Now when Arhan is in the hospital fighting for his life, Zeeshan keeps calling us to say that we should do everything to bring him back home alive. All I can do now is hope that I can save my little boy.”

An older photo of Arhan with brother, Zeeshan, and father, Sartaj 

This carpenter had to leave behind everything to save his son's life

Sartaj is a carpenter in his village and he manages to earn almost Rs 6000 a month. He was somehow managing his family expenses. When Arhan fell sick, he had to leave everything behind and had to travel 160 km to the hospital along with his family. He has been there for 28 days with just one pair of clothes. He has already spent Rs 4.5 lakhs to keep his son alive so far. His relatives and friends aren’t well off to help them either. From a village that still survives on superstitions, Sartaj and Nisha hardly have hopes for any help. Now arranging another Rs 6 lakhs is just impossible for the poor family.

How you can help

7-year-old Arhan has a disease that is causing violent seizures. He is in the ICU and needs to stay there for another few weeks. He can't even recognize his parents now.  Without urgent treatment, the little boy’s brain nerves might get damaged and can kill him. His carpenter father has spent everything to save him but has nothing left to save his unconscious son now.

Your support will help this little boy wake up seizure-free again

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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