13-year-old Madhavan Knows That His Itching Could Kill Him And He Asks For Help To Beat This Disease | Milaap
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13-year-old Madhavan Knows That His Itching Could Kill Him And He Asks For Help To Beat This Disease

“Why is my skin so black black? I cannot stop itching Nana! Please make it stop! I want to tear my skin off!" says 13-year-old Madhavan.
When a mosquito or ant bites, we start itching. When Madhavan is asked how he feels, he says 'Imagine there are mosquito bites all over your body, even inside your body, and that they just don't stop biting. That's how I feel.' When he was 3 years old, he began having an allergic reaction. His parents did not know why until no medicine helped fix it. Finally, he was diagnosed with a rare immune disorder because of which he keeps getting eczema, lung infections and bacterial infections.

Since he turned 3 Madhavan has not seen a single normal day in his life

Madhavan has Hyper IgE syndrome. This means he has high levels of immunoglobin E in his body making him extremely vulnerable to certain types of infections. It began with a rash. Even before the rash healed, another appeared, until a lot of other skin abscesses with pus, covered his body. This means Madhavan is always in pain - from his skin tearing, and also the feeling of wanting to itch. 

 "We have been to so many doctors. He has been getting treatment for his skin for 10 years now. Still, nothing helped. It does not even help his pain. Instead of recovering he only got worse. Now he keeps getting cold, and cough. We have to tie his hands to stop him itching in his sleep because his skin bleeds even at the slightest touch of the nail." - Thirupathi

There is only one cure for Madhavan and he needs it before this disease kills him

As the disease progresses, Madhavan is more susceptible to pneumonia and even his internal organs can develop an abscess. Nothing can save him once that starts happening. Medicines cannot help him anymore. He needs a bone marrow transplant to survive. Every day, Madhavan cries to his mother after school feeling lonely and different from the rest of his world.

"My friends at school can play and participate in sports. They even come to school everyday and top in the exam. I feel like I can never be like them. I fall sick even if I go to school. Nobody even sits with me, because my skin looks like this." - Madhavan

There's hope for Madhavan but his parents have no money

Since the doctors said that a bone marrow transplant can save their son, his parents Thirupathi and Padma have a ray of hope. Luckily for them, their youngest child Mohan, who is 6 years old, is a 100% matching donor. At the same time they are disheartened because they cannot afford the treatment.

Every month Thirupathi takes his son to Chennai for treatment because he can't afford to hospitalize him

Thirupathi is a farmer in Prakasham district of Andhra Pradesh. His income is very unstable and he makes only Rs 3000 a month. Every month, this father spends over Rs 6000 every month for his check-ups and treatment at Chennai. It is getting impossible for him to manage household expenses and keep Madhavan alive.

"God gave us such a wonderful child. He does not bother us. He does not ask for games or anything. He just pleads us to make his pain go away." - Thirupathi

Madhavan's siblings are also suffering and they have to wait until he gets better

Madhavan's siblings are also suffering from different illnesses. The family has been unable to tend to them as his disease has reached a critical stage and he needs all the help he can get. Thirupathi has spent over Rs. 6 Lakhs for Madhavan's treatment. None of it has really helped, and as a farmer there's nothing more he can do except beg and borrow.

“I don’t know what I must have done to anger the Gods that he gave me three suffering children. It is heartbreaking to see them all suffer in one way or the other. They should have been healthy, being born into poverty because this means I will end up losing them to money rather than the disease. These diseases can be cured. My luck makes me unable to provide them with that cure.” - Thirupathi

How you can help

There's not been a day without pain for Madhavan. He does not sleep these days. He cannot even step out of the house. He is tired and he just wants it all to end. He knows his father cannot afford his medicines anymore, so he asks for help.

"I want to go to school everyday. I do not want my parents to suffer like this anymore. I want to grow up and get a job to take care of them. But, this pain makes me feel like nothing will happen. Please, make it go away." - Madhavan

You can help fulfill Madhavan's wish and give him a real chance at life.

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