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Little Moni is suffering for the past 6 years. Please help her!

"Little Moni is our greatest gift; she is everything to us in this world. But seeing her like this, in unbearable pain, is so hard for us. We are poor, but we still want to live together happily. Is that too much to ask for? We need to get our daughter, Moni, treated as she can't pass stool like other people. We are distraught and helpless." — Moni's parents

Moni is a 6-year-old girl who is a victim of a rare inborn abnormality in which the anus is absent or blocked. Her condition makes it impossible for her to lead an ordinary life. She lives in extreme pain and mental pressure, with her health deteriorating every passing day.

An imperforate anus is a congenital disability that occurs while a child is growing in the womb, which leads to the child being unable to pass stool normally from their rectum out of their body. Moni's mother is a housewife, and her father is a poor farmer who hardly earns Rs 5,000 per month, making it difficult for them to afford daily bread for the family. On top of this, the ongoing pandemic has really made their survival difficult as well. They are living under extreme financial stress, and the cost of little Moni's treatment is beyond their imagination.

"I feel so helpless and awful, seeing my child in such a condition. She is unable to eat properly, nor perform any physical activity. She is in pain and I can feel it, but I am unable to do anything. I can't even explain what goes through my mind every time I look at my daughter and see her withering away right in front of me. Please help us." — Meera, mother

Each passing day is prolonging little Moni's suffering, and her abdomen is swollen as well. Her parents are desperate, and only have you to turn to.

"Your generous support can give my daughter a better life, and we can have a reason to live. We just want to have a content life together, all three of us. She's never had even a moment's peace or happiness since her birth. She deserves to be cheerful, to laugh and play and be a child!" — Premchand, father

Moni deserves a better life, and your kindness can fulfil her parents' dream of living together as a happy family. 

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