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They Tell Me To Let Her 7-month-old Heart Fail Because She's Just A Girl

When Ramya and Vimal welcomed their baby girl with joy, relatives gave them a sour look. They are from a village that rejoices the male child, and considers daughters to be a curse, a financial burden. The couple did not care and went about their happy lives. Now, they discovered that their daughter was born with a heart defect. Instead of supporting the couple, onlookers say, ‘Told you daughters are a curse. At least now, let her go.’

They found out about her heart disease only 5 months after her birth 

Although baby Lajitha has a huge family, she was loved and cuddled only by her parents who always wished for a daughter. For 5 months, she was their sun, until they discovered that she was born with holes in her heart.

"Even my 9th month scan report said everything was normal. She was born in a government hospital and the doctor never said anything. I was worried about her weight. She used to sleep a lot too. When she got sick, those village doctors were of no help. We left the village and went to the city for the first time in our lives. Thankfully this hospital helped us figure out the problem.” - Ramya

Any more delay in treatment will put Lajitha's life in danger

Lajitha desperately tries to crawl and sit up on her own but fails every time.  She falls short of breath and is losing weight drastically. She is extremely weak and looks more like a 3-month-old child. The doctors have warned that further delay in surgery will only make her condition worse and even a simple cold could land her in the ICU.

Nobody around us is willing to help save a girl

As farmers, Ramya and Vimal made a modest living. After she conceived, Ramya stopped working while Vimal took her shift too. He saved every rupee for his child's future. Most of it is gone already towards her hospital expenses. Now he needs Rs. 3 lakhs for the surgery.

"I have friends in the nearby village and they helped me with few thousand rupees. My family and neighbors have refused to even come to the hospital to see her. They want to see her die. My daughter deserves this life, and I need help to fund her heart surgery." - Vimal

Your contribution can save this girl child.

Supporting Document

 The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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