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Mother Struggles Alone With Husband Suffering From Severe Mental Illness And Son From Aggressive Cancer

When Tumpa told her husband Koushik that their son Kushan is fighting a rare and aggressive form of cancer. The only thing Koushik asked was, ‘What do you mean by cancer? Is it like fever?’. She was on tears when Koushik who has mental illness doesn’t even know that their son will lose his life if he doesn’t get treated. Tumpa who used to single-handedly take care of his family, now fears she will not be able to save her only son without help.

"I hoped it was nothing serious when I noticed a lump in his thigh, but I was wrong"

It was only after her marriage that Tumpa came to know that Koushik has mental illness. And she has been on her own ever since, taking care him and their son, as Koushik was in no position to look after the family.Looking at his hard-working mother, Kushan always wanted to give Tumpa a better life. He was a diligent student who never missed a day of his school . But last november,  Tumpa noticed a lump in Kushan’s left thigh and soon, he started running a high temperature.
“I hoped it to be nothing serious. But when the local doctors told us to take him to Bangalore, I knew in my heart that something was wrong. But I stayed strong and hoped for the best. When the doctors in Vydehi told me that it was cancer, I sat there numb for few minutes not knowing what to do.” - Tumpa.

Tumpa fears she will lose her only son to cancer

Kushan is fighting a rare form of cancer that affects the white blood cells and spreads aggressively if it is not treated on time. Tumpa could start Kushan’s chemotherapy and he has undergone 2 chemo sessions. But now having no one to rely on, she is struggling each day to meet the treatment expenses. She can only save her son with your help.

“Kushan is becoming weaker. He misses going to school. All he wants is to go back home. But he needs this treatment. And if he doesn’t get the treatment on time, he will lose his life. I’ve been getting help from my brother all this while with Kushan’s treatment. He helped us with about Rs 50,000 - how much more can I even ask of him?”

An old pic of Kushan when he was healthy

She can save her son only with your help

Tumpa has been trying every possible way to meet the treatment expenses to save her son but she isn't able to. Kushan can only get better if he continues his treatment. But Tumpa has not a single rupee left. She can’t arrange Rs 6 lakhs for his son’s treatment when she barely earns Rs 70 - 80 by stitching blouses.

“I have no one to rely on or even seek help from in this strange city. I’ve used all my resources and now I’m in no position to afford chemotherapy. I need your help to continue my son’s treatment.”

Let us come together and help Tumpa save her son

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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