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Driver Prays For Help After A Tragic Accident Left His Entire Family Fighting For Their Lives

"I am a driver myself. I got a call saying that my whole family was in a road accident, and they are dying because of some other driver. You understand how that makes me feel, don't you?" - Shivakumar (Father)

On May 7th, Kishore (6) went to a hospital in Kadapa for a fever. He was with his mother and elder sister. After talking to the doctor, the family returned home in an auto. Vijayakumari had just taken her arm off Kishore when a lorry crashed into their auto. Today, Vijayakumari and her daughter Pratyusha (8) are braving their injuries while Kishore lies in a coma. The oldest child, Akhil (11) was home at the time, and he is safe.

The beeping sounds remind Shivakumar that his son is barely alive

Kishore has brain damage from the accident. He's 6 years old is on the ventilator since that day in a critical condition. A CT scan shows that his brain is swollen. It has put him in a coma. The swelling needs to subside, after which he can have any other treatment or surgery. Kishore has also fractured his right leg and chest and spine, in addition to a severe abdominal injury. The internal bleeding has been contained for the time being, until his brain swelling goes down.

“I keep listening to the beep of the monitor. They said it will make a different sound once his condition improves. Right now he is in a coma. All day, this 'keeeeen' sound makes me feel like I will lose him. I don't even know if he feels all this pain.” – Shivakumar (Father)

The money he saved by not visiting his family now came to his aid

Shivakumar worked as a home driver in Kuwait. He never visited his family in India. This is how he supported his family of six including three children, wife and an elderly mother. He flew back to India immediately after he received that call. He had to quit his job as he was not allowed to take leaves. Pratyusha has been discharged after surgery to insert a rod in her broken leg. Vijayakumari is currently in surgery. So far, this father has paid over Rs. 10 lakhs in bills.

Vijayakumari, Kishore's mother

“He's fond of toy cars and played with it all the time at home. He wants to be like his uncle who drives a JCB and wished to drive it and earn a lot of money. He just wants to be a driver, not an engineer or anything else fancy. I want to keep him alive so he can live that little dream some day.” – Sivakumar

His helpless father can't save him without your help

Shivakumar has nobody to help him financially in this hour of need. His mother is taking care of Akhil and Pratyusha at home. His brother is with Vijayakumari at the hospital. He refuses to leave Kishore's side even for a moment, as he is afraid to lose him.

"Pratyusha and Viji were in a different hospital. I did not visit them much. At least my wife and daughter had each other for strength. My son does not even know I am here. I cannot imagine how scared he must be. I want to see him wake up and tell him I will keep him safe forever." - Shivakumar

Shivakumar needs over Rs. 10 lakhs for Kishore's treatment alone. He is not able to pay a single bill now. He is terrified of losing his entire family. He just prays for help.

Your timely support can help this middle-class father from the most distressing situation and help him save his family.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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