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Every Day That He Goes Without A Transplant, Cancer Is Pushing Him Closer To Death

If you’re walking through the cancer ward for kids in Aster Kochi, you will see a similar picture of sadness and hopelessness everywhere. Parents crying, kids vomiting, 2-3 nurses holding little ones to give them injections. 8-year-old Kevin’s story is the same. He is fighting cancer - for the second time. This time, it's more aggressive.
“He has explained what a bone marrow transplant is to my husband and me so many times. He knows that this can save him. Earlier he was positive, his smile would give us hope...but now he's only getting weaker.” - Simi, mother.

Kevin doesn’t want to lag behind in his studies, he hopes to join school soon

He has been after his father, Jomon to get him new books. His cancer hasn’t allowed him to go to school since he was in 2nd standard. But his spirit hasn’t broken.


“The first time he was diagnosed with cancer it was April, 2018. It was just plain bruises on his sides, we had no idea that these were due to blood cancer. My wife was pregnant with our daughter then. The time was tough but with God’s grace, we overcame that. But Kevin’s fight was not over. Just a few months later, his cancer was back. This time only a transplant can save him,” - Jomon, father.

The chirpy boy misses home only when his baby sister visits him in the hospital

Unlike other children, Kevin is very comfortable talking about his disease with doctors and nurses. He doesn’t fuss or cry. But when his 1-year-old sister, Isa Maria, comes to visit him, he gets emotional. 

“That’s when he starts missing home. He wants to play with her so much. Isa too loves him a lot. Just looking at both of them, smiling and giggling, I forget all my worries for one minute. The next minute, a nurse approaching the bed brings me back to reality,” - Simi.

The transplant is Kevin’s only hope - you can help him get it

The last year has been like a whirlwind for Jomon and Simi. They were blessed with a baby girl while they got to know that their son is fighting Acute Myeloid Leukemia - a dangerous form of blood cancer. They couldn’t celebrate their baby girl’s milestones. Their life revolved around hospitals and chemos.
“Sometimes, I feel if we have neglected the little one. I hope not. Simi and I try to do the very best for both of them. We want to bring Kevin home as soon as possible but how do I afford a 30 lakh transplant?” - Jomon.

Jomon is an auto driver in Paravur who doesn’t earn much. He has sold Simi’s jewellery, borrowed from his neighbours and spent around 10 lakhs. With your help, he will be able to save his son.

With your help, these parents can save their 8-year-old from cancer 

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