1-Year-Old’s Vital Organs Will Fail Without Urgent Treatment, But His Helpless Father Has Nothing Left To Save Him | Milaap
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1-Year-Old’s Vital Organs Will Fail Without Urgent Treatment, But His Helpless Father Has Nothing Left To Save Him

“My happiness knew no bounds when my son called me ‘papa’ for the first time. The greatest joy for me was watching him grow up happy and healthy. But two weeks ago, his life changed in an instant. He was lying beside me at night and playing with his favourite toy, as he would always do, when suddenly, his entire body became stiff. He fell unconscious andhis body was shaking. I tried to wake him up, called out to him, but he just wouldn’t move. I rushed him to the hospital and ever since then, my son has been unconscious in the ICU, his body covered in tubes. My happy, playful child’s life changed overnight and all I can do now is stand by his side and hope for him to be better.” – Punnam Chander, Father

Little Karthikeyan’s life changed overnight and since then he’s been fighting for his life in the ICU 

Punnam Chander lives with his wife Mayuri and his children Karthikeyan and their three-month-old daughter in Warangal, Telangana. Karthikeyan was active and full of life and one would have never thought there’s anything wrong with him. However, when their little one started having seizures two weeks ago, they were shocked.  Soon after Punnam Chander took Karthikeyan to the hospital when he had seizures, the worried father was told that his son has dengue fever because of which his vital organs are failing. 10-15% of his liver is affected and his kidneys have stopped functioning due to which his urine output has also stopped. Karthikeyan was rushed to the ICU. He now needs dialysis and continued ventilator support to survive. 

Little Karthikeyan before his health worsened

“Every time I go to the ICU, I hold him and pray for him to get better so that I can take him home soon. When I told my wife about our son’s condition, she was so devastated and in shock that she had to be hospitilized. Every day she calls me and ask about our son and I lie to her saying he's out of intensive care. I can't tell her that our son needs to stay in the ICU for 15 more days, I want her to get better too. The doctors say our son is making progress and will recover soon, but I have nothing left to continue his treatment," - Punnam Chander, father

Despite selling his wife’s jewellery and spending his all his savings, Punnam Chander can't afford expenses for ICU stay

Punnam Chander works in a call centre to look after his family. He sold his wife’s jewellery and borrowed money from others to meet the ICU expenses for his son. Every day that his son is the ICU, he spends more than he earns in a month. He has spent nearly 9.5 lakhs on his treatment so far and has now exhausted everything he has. Punnam can't save his son's life without your help. 

“I have spent more than I could ever imagine for my son’s treatment. I don’t even have money to afford a proper meal. It’s been a week since I haven't eaten anything or slept peacefully. Nothing more than my son’s health matter to me. I just want to save him,” - Punnam Chander, father

How you can help

Punnam Chander has done everything he can to save his son who is struggling for his life in the ICU. Little Karthikeyan is making progress and he needs to be kept on ventilator support along with dialysis for a few more days, but Punnam Chander, having exhausted all his savings and borrowed money, can't continue his treatment. Little Karthikeyan needs your help to survive. 

Your contribution can save little Karthikeyan

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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