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An Entire Village Came Together To Save 5-Year-Old From Cancer, But It's Not Enough To Cure Her

Joyram, Mallika and 5-year-old Jolly were overjoyed when little MIli was born. The entire village came to their house that day to look at the baby - sweets were being distributed and everyone was happy. The next time the entire village came to their home was to contribute money for Jolly’s cancer treatment. Jolly has a cancerous tumor in her left kidney. She needs surgery next week but despite her entire village pitching in to save her - her parents can’t afford it. 

She couldn’t stand up because of the severe pain

It was a normal winter afternoon when Jolly suddenly felt a piercing pain in her stomach. She told her mother, Mallika who thought that it was indigestion.
“I gave her an antacid and warm water to drink. But her pain was only getting worse, she couldn’t even stand up because of it. When my husband came back from work later that evening , we noticed a slight swelling on the left side of her stomach. We immediately took her to the hospital in our village. But the doctors told us that they won’t be able to cure her of this, they asked us to take her to Kolkata that very night,” - Mallika. 

Joyram with Jolly and Mili during happier times

Only bad news was awaiting the parents at the end of the 4-hour-long arduous journey

The desperate parents kept their 8-month-old Mili in the care of Mallika’s mother and left that night for Kolkata in a car.
“The entire time she was crying in pain. I held her close to me, trying to soothe her but nothing helped. We reached Kolkata early in the morning and she was immediately admitted in the emergency ward. She was given an injection that reduced her pain. But later that afternoon, her scan reports came and we were told that Jolly has a cancerous tumor in her left kidney. What was worst was that her cancer was in an advanced stage - it was stage 4,” - Joyram.

They called me to tell that I have lost my job - how will I save my daughter?

Joyram used to work on a contract basis in a small book shop in West Midnapore. He used to make around Rs 3000 in a month. But for the last two months, he has been with Jolly - being by her side during all her chemo sessions, telling her she will be fine. Off late, his friends from the village had called to tell him that his employer has hired someone else.
“With my salary it was never easy to take care of a family of 4 but I was working extra hours.But with no job now and rising expenses, I don’t know how I will afford Jolly’s treatment. She needs the surgery next week but I have already spent over a lakh. How will I arrange for 6 more lakhs?” 

The only thing that makes Jolly smile even in this pain is the thought of going home

How you can help

5-year-old Jolly was a happy and cheerful child just two months ago until she was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in her left kidney. She needs an urgent surgery next week that can cure her of her disease. Her father is unemployed and has no means to afford the surgery. With your support, Joyram and Mallika can save their daughter.

Joyram is unemployed and has no means to afford his 5-year-old's cancer treatment. The little one doesn't know she has cancer, she wants to go home to her baby sister. Your support can help the parents take their child home

Supporting Document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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