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This Helpless Mother Is Struggling Alone To Save Her 7-Month-Old From Deadly Cancer

“It’s been 10 days that we have been in this hospital in Gurgaon. Staying so far away from home in a new city, I have been very afraid handing everything alone. My husband is away in the village arranging for the money for my son’s treatment. My little boy, Haney is terrified to even lie down alone in the hospital bed. He holds on to his favourite toy as that’s the only thing that reminds him of his home. I see his frail body writhing in pain and can’t hold back my tears,” - Kunjula, mother. 

The 7-month-old’s parents had no idea that their little baby had so much pain in store for him

Haney has been diagnosed with Acute Lymphoid Leukemia. It is a severe type of blood cancer that affects the white blood cells and the bone marrow. The cancer has made him very weak and he is in constant pain.
“Only a few months ago, our baby was completely fine. We were so happy with the new addition in the family. All my time was spent looking after him and even when he slept I sat beside him as I couldn’t get enough of that sweet, peaceful face. I haven’t seen him sleeping peacefully like that since he had a fever that was not subsiding at all. He also had blue marks of bruises all over his body. The fever scared us and we immediately took him to the doctor, who advised us to get a few tests done. The results of the tests brought our entire life to a standstill - our little baby had cancer.” 

As Kunjula waits in the hospital corridor for her son’s first chemo cycle, she prays that her son gets better soon

The doctors have told the distraught parents that their son would need six months of chemotherapy to get better - two months of induction phase followed by four months of consolidation phase. The parents have also been told that if chemotherapy is unable to fully cure Haney, the only option left for them would be a bone marrow transplant.

“Hearing about cancer in TV and newspaper was different - but as the doctors explain to us the processes, I go numb and Haney’s smiling face comes back to me. Sitting here with my baby for his first chemo cycle, the only thought that is going on in my mind is that he should get cured soon. That he doesn’t need to go through the painful process of a bone marrow transplant.” 

A bus driver by profession, Kunjula’s husband is in no condition to afford the life-saving treatment his son needs

Aman, Kunjula’s husband is a bus driver and he earns around Rs 5000 per month. He is the sole breadwinner of his family and his old parents are also dependent on him. He doesn’t have enough savings and has already borrowed Rs 3 lakhs from friends and family. Haney needs six months of chemotherapy and the cost of that would amount to Rs 14 lakhs. Without help, Aman wouldn’t be able to save his 7-month-old baby.

How you can help

Kunjula and Aman’s baby is fighting deadly cancer and needs chemotherapy for six months to get better. But his poor parents are unable to afford the treatment. You can extend a helping hand and make a generous contribution to bring back the lost happiness in the lives of these new parents.

Your support can save baby Haney's life 

Supporting Document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team. 

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