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Help Build A Roof Over These Young Professional Boxers At Haryana Boxing Academy

Imagine that your children go to a school without walls or a roof. What if you had to work all day under the hot sun or exposed to the rains? Most of us have a desk job that does not require much physical effort, and even that would feel more strenuous if it was not for the air-conditioned, well-protected office-space. So, think about the boxers at Haryana Boxing Academy training on a boxing ring that does not have a roof.

Sports is one such profession where basic necessities are neglected, especially when it comes to training professional boxers. Haryana Boxing Academy is India’s first private training center specifically for boxing, launched by renowned international boxer Rajeev Dhankar. Although the academy has produced several champions who have won at state, national and international level championships, it lacks essential infrastructure like a roof for the boxing ring.

Boxing is an expensive profession 

The academy started in 2005 with a mission to train sportsmen who will make boxing synonymous with India at the International level. More people than before are taking up professional boxing. However, the lack of government support, assistance and infrastructure tends to demotivate youngsters from opting boxing for a career.”
Currently the academy hosts over 40 boxers at the junior level and 12 at the senior level. Furthermore, they encourage and train female athletes. "Boxing as a sport is growing and needs to be nurtured well," says Rajesh Dhankhad.

What really makes a boxer

Boxing is a dangerous contact sport. Anyone who chooses this profession needs to have the mental, physical and emotional strength to go through rigorous training. Most of the talent comes from remote, rural and backward areas of India. Although they are accustomed to harsh conditions, it is not fair to train them at a place without a roof. It affects them the same way it affects all of us who work or study indoors.

They may learn how to defend and attack outdoors. An indoor boxing ring becomes an alien environment with a completely different footing and atmosphere due to which training sometimes fails these boxers.
One of the prominent alumni of the academy is Pradeep Suhag, an internationally acclaimed professional boxer living in Australia. 

The academy ensures all the players conform to dietary requirements for boxing and provides them with any kind of assistance depending on their socioeconomic background.

Why should you contribute? 

The current boxing ring set-up only allows these trainees to practice at a particular time of the day. The absence of a roof or a cover makes it difficult to safeguard them from harsh weather conditions and other environmental factors. It is also difficult to simulate the exact tournament environment. An addition of a shade or a roof over the ring would ensure extended practice hours and help support more prospective champions.

Your donation will help hundreds of youngsters taking training at the Haryana Boxing Academy and turn into boxing champions.

Sports is not just a leisure activity. It makes someone’s career. Help create someone’s future with your contribution.

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