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This Baby Girl’s Liver Is 100% Damaged, She Needs An Urgent Transplant To Survive

Baby Gurbani has not had a peaceful night’s sleep for a long time now. She is very irritable, but cannot even toss and turn to express her discomfort due to her enlarged liver. “She cannot lie on one side of her body (where the liver is) due to this. We have tried every medicine in the world, but none of those could ease her pain,” says her mother Sneha. Ever since her liver disease has gotten worse, Gurbani always sticks to her mother and cries if anybody else, including her father, holds her. Only her warmth seems to give this poor child some respite from her pain and uneasiness. “I cannot even stay away for a minute – even to take a bath or use the toilet. Earlier, I used to the Gurudwara regularly to pray for my baby’s well-being, but I haven’t stepped out of the house in months. Only a liver transplant can save her, but we don’t have the means to afford it,” she adds tearfully.

“Yellowness has pervaded her body, it is getting worse with every passing day’

 For 2 beautiful months after she was born, Gurbani filled her parents’ lives with nothing other than happiness. “My mother-in-law would tell me, ‘You are lucky that you don’t have a fussy baby. Be thankful that she lets you rest’ And now those words haunt me,” reminisces Sneha, adding, “Just a month later, she was diagnosed with jaundice.”  Sneha and her husband Ankush believed that it was normal and would go away soon, but it persisted, spreading to her eyes also. But when their baby started passing white pasty stools, they knew something was just not right. “That was when we got the shock of our lives – we were told that our baby’s liver is completely damaged.”

Gurbani was growing up to be a happy baby before the liver disease took over her life

 Baby Gurbani is struggling to survive, but all hope is not lost for her

“She drinks breastmilk and we have even started her on some solids, but the problem is that she passes watery stools within 10 minutes after eating. The doctors told us that her digestive system is completely compromised because of her damaged liver,”-Sneha
Gurbani has a chance to beat this serious illness that has plagued her – a liver transplant will ensure that she grows up to be a normal baby, just how her parents had hoped for.

Ankush is struggling to meet expenses for tests alone, the transplant is beyond his means

Ankush works as a sweet box trader in Shahdara, Delhi, earning around Rs 26,000 per month. He would spend the bulk of his income on managing household expenses (including rent and supplies) along with medicines for his aged mother. “It was very difficult to have sufficient savings given my modest income,” says Ankush. And whatever little savings he had, he has spent on his baby’s treatment till now. He has no way but to ask help from Good Samaritans – both the ones he knows as well as online well-wishers in saving his baby.

“My Bani deserves a good life. I am praying for her good health, but that is not enough. She needs the surgery in a month’s time and I have not yet been able to arrange money,”-Ankush

How you can help

Baby Gurbani has not been able to sit up on her own or even tried crawling like a normal 6-month-old baby due to the severe liver disease that has been plaguing her for months now. She can be liberated from her pain and discomfort with a liver transplant – the expenses of which her parents cannot afford.

Your kind contribution can save this baby’s life

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