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Without An Urgent Heart Surgery, This 9-Month-Old Baby Girl Cannot Be Saved

“My little angel might only be 9-months-old, but she has already suffered from a lifetime’s worth of pain - from the time she was born premature to now she is fighting a severe lung infection due to her bad heart. Despite struggling to breathe every now and then, she still manages to smile. Seeing her innocent smile makes me feel guilty as I know I will have failed as a father if I cannot get her the heart surgery she needs desperately to survive.”-Prabhu Saini, father of Chahat Saini.

Recurrent fever and cold began tormenting this baby within a month of her birth

Prabhu was worried sick when Radha had to give birth at just 7 months of pregnancy, but was relieved when he saw their baby girl’s face for the first time. The young couple aptly named her ‘Chahat’ (meaning affection) as she was the symbol of their love. They dreamed of raising her like a queen using the best of their limited means, but within days of taking her home, she fell very sick.

“It started with her getting cold and fever all the time since she was just 26-days-old. We took her to many doctors in our hometown of Alwar, Rajasthan, where they would prescribe medicines that just worked temporarily. She would cry non-stop during the night and not sleep a wink. I would try covering her up from head to toe, thinking it would keep her warm and prevent her from getting colds, but they never worked. Sometimes I would have to stay up all night to keep her head upright on my shoulder – only that seemed to give my poor baby some relief.”-Radha, mother

Poor Chahat’s condition worsened over time, her parents were not prepared for her shocking diagnosis

When Chahat started suffering from severe breathlessness at just 2 months, Prabhu and Radha knew that their baby girl was suffering from something more than just weak immunity. It was difficult for them to see her struggle to even drink an ounce of milk. They took her to a good hospital in Jaipur – and what the doctors told them left them in shock and tears. Chahat was diagnosed with Endocardial Cusion Defect, a severe heart defect in which the walls separating all 4 chambers of the heart are poorly formed or absent. The doctors asked the family to bring the baby for regular appointments and scans from then on. They were able to keep her condition stable using medicines, but everything went downhill when she fell severely ill with a lung infection.

She was coughing very badly and not able to breathe properly one day. Her finger and toe nails turned blue whenever she would run out of breath. Fortunately we had come for an appointment in Jaipur when this happened. She was rushed to the hospital and was on the ventilator for a few days. The doctors told us that she was suffering from a blood infection in addition to severe pneumonia (lung infection). I broke down when they said that it was all because of her weak heart that she was suffering so much and needed an urgent surgery that would cost lakhs.”-Prabhu
An old photograph of Chahat

With a modest income and no savings, Prabhu is struggling to arrange funds for his daughter’s emergency surgery

Prabhu works as an accountant at his friend’s small firm in Alwar itself. He earns barely enough to meet the needs of his 6 –member family: his aged parents, unmarried sister, wife, baby and himself. When Baby Chahat had to be rushed to the ICU, he had to use up Rs 1 lakh that he had been saving for her future. Now she is still not out of danger and needs a heart surgery to be completely alright, but he is left with nothing to save her.

“I have spent everything I had on her treatment till now and don’t even have money to buy medicines anymore. I don’t know how I will buy groceries for home, pay my sister’s college fees and afford daily expenses like this. I need help to save her in this desperate hour. Please help.”-Prabhu

How you can help

Baby Chahat is suffering from a severe heart disease that resulted in severe lung and blood infection. She will not recover without an urgent heart surgery, but her father cannot afford it. She has become weak and very underweight. Your timely support will help this family to save their baby. 

Your kind contribution can save this baby’s life

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