For This Farmer, It’s Not A Happy Pongal This Time As He Cannot Afford His Baby’s Heart Surgery | Milaap
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For This Farmer, It’s Not A Happy Pongal This Time As He Cannot Afford His Baby’s Heart Surgery

Last year’s Pongal celebrations at Udhayakumar’s home were marked by feasting, gifting and the bustle of near and dear ones. The fact that his wife, Aiswarya, was pregnant and expecting their first baby at that time only added to the cheer. But this time, things are drastically different – not only that there are no celebrations as such, but there is not even a smile on any family member’s face. This is because Udayakumar’s 10-month-old baby girl, Brindha Shree’s heart condition has worsened to the effect that only a heart surgery can help her survive now. But being a poor farmer who depends on daily wages for survival, Udhayakumar cannot afford it.

‘How can we celebrate a festival when our poor baby is suffering?’

“Pongal is the most important time of the year for a farmer. We look forward to this harvest all year, even I did, not knowing that my child’s suffering would eclipse everything else. She has persistent cold and fever – no medicines have been able to control it. Sometimes when she gets some respite from her illness, she acts and plays like a normal child.”-Udhayakumar.

Baby Brindha Shree was diagnosed with severe PAH (pulmonary arterial hypertension) – a type of high blood pressure which affects arteries in the lungs and the heart, at birth. She was also found to have a large hole in her heart as well as a defect in a major valve of the heart which makes blood to flow backwards in the heart.   

On Rs 300 a day, Udayakumar cannot even buy his baby girl nutritious food, let alone afford her surgery

Udhayakumar and his family – consisting of his aged mother, wife Aiswarya and baby girl Brindha Shree live in a small house in Tamil Nadu’s Tirunelveli district. “I earn Rs 300 a day, sometimes even lesser, I was never able to have any savings,” laments Udhayakumar. As a result, he is only able to afford the ration rice other condiments that the government provides at a subsidized rate. For special occasions, Udhayakumar borrows money to get everything needed and make sure his family has a good time. But at other times, his baby also has to make do with whatever he is able to get her, which has resulted in her being malnourished. She looks very thin and frail – her heart condition has only stunted her growth further.

This precious baby girl can be saved with your help

Though Baby Brindha is suffering from multiple heart defects, she still has every chance to become healthy and grow up to be a normal child. A surgery costing Rs 1 lakh can ease her sufferings forever – if we come together, we can help this farmer father save his only child.

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